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  1. Hey everyone! Anyone know where you can get a hold of rear drivers side brake calliper shields for the SR180? I seem to find listings online for the front axel, however the rear appear to be elusive! I have found one on Ebay for £47, however I want to see if there are any other options before spending that much on a aluminium circle with some holes drilled into it! Anyone breaking an SR180 with these parts available? Thank you everyone!
  2. Hey everyone! I'm just wondering if anyone has experience of 2-EHN ?additive? in any turbo diesel really? I currently use Redex System Cleaner, is it worth it to use both? 2-EHN appears pretty cheap really! Thank you!
  3. Infiniti


    Hey Paul! I hope you're okay, and I hope your operation goes well! I have a 2008 Auris SR180, and I had pretty much the exact same experience as you when I first purchased it. Almost scary to drive until the turbo kicks in and rockets you forwards. I found that the EGR valve had about 5mm carbon on all surfaces, as well as the pipe which connects to it and the manifold which it connects to (I'd definitely start there!). I also have anecdotal experience of restricting this EGR valve, which made an incredible impact and gives it torque from around 1400RPM, which was both consistent and
  4. So, After beginning the process, monitoring things via OBD. I decided to try the simplest option of MAF and EGR to rule those out. In the process of checking the MAF to see if there was anything in there, or if it was dirty or even broken I spotted a strip of extremely shiny and polished metal in the engine bay. The inlet pipe from my turbo, all that had happened is my inlet pipe between the air intake box and turbo had fallen off the turbo side. Therefore the turbo was sucking in loads of hot air right from the back of the engine bay.... Atleast it was a simple fix?
  5. I'll go out and try moving it in 3rd in just a moment, I believe the clutch was replaced by the previous owner around 10k ago, I have only driven around 1500 miles since I fitted the tuning box, and the majority of my miles are on an average speed checked road, outside of rush hour, so since I have owned the car it has had a pretty stress-free running! I definitely wouldn't say there is excessive smoke, it's the normal whiteish grey colour too. I'll also go and check the oil level when I try setting off in 3rd. Thank you again
  6. The gearbox and clutch feel absolutely fine, all gears feel the exact same and the feel and biting point of the clutch hasn't changed at all. Could it still really be those?
  7. Hey Everyone! I'll give a little bit of backstory first! Yesterday while driving, I pulled into the overtaking lane at a set of traffic lights to pass some traffic when they went to green. Upon setting off In grinded second gear, which obviously is a terrible noise to hear! However after this, I had really strange boosting power. Normally it kicks in around 1600rpm, but was only actually giving me power for half a second at random intervals. I'm almost certain my turbo is spooling, as I can hear it sucking in air, and when I got a boost gauge up on my phone via OBDII, it read there a
  8. Just a tip, until tomorrow there is a huge sale at Eurocarparts for brake components (I'm literally just having to order some now!) Should have been £61 for a set of Brembo pads for the rear of my SR180, due to the discount code WISHLIST99 I have got them for £30. They do often have sale on for these, but I'm not sure how long that specific discount code will work! I agree with TonyHSD, essentially any brand will be good, as long as you buy them from a reputable place, or are incredibly careful in Ebay. From memory, the more expensive pads tend to ware a little faster due to being made of
  9. Hey Joe, I have a 2.2 Auris, they're obviously not the same engine however very similar in function. On a cold morning the engine will run at a slightly higher RPM to warm up, before settling back down after 5-10 minutes. This is completely normal for a larger sized diesel in the winter, I find it happens when the temperature is lower than about 4/5 degrees Celsius. Here is an Honest John discussion post which mentions your age of Avensis, discussing that this is completely normal. (https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=57621) If you do want to double check, simply
  10. Well I'm rather jealous! DPF I have done nothing about, simply driving. Hopefully by the end of this month I'll be able to go on a 40mile round trip on the motorway in 4th gear, to see if my DPF needs a forced regen. My EGR, I removed it from the car, gentle went at it with a screwdriver to remove the large amounts, and some carburettor/ EGR cleaner and an old toothbrush. My intake manifold was also clogged, I still haven't done much about that, although I did get a strong shop vac type hoover to allow me to clean the EGR/intake manifold mount so it wouldn't fall into the engin
  11. From my experience, they do seem to work. When I purchased my SR180, it was clogged up to hell! It didn't perform well at all, so much so I think my 2003 1.3 Yaris would've out-run it to 100. It was bad! I have somewhat regularly used Redex system cleaner, I only tend to buy it when it is on sale, normally for around £2 a bottle (Which does two tanks of fuel). Most of my driving is long-ish drives, on average 20 miles per drive, and they do appear to have atleast maintained some engine cleanliness, and kept my EGR valve a little cleaner. However this could easily be down to the
  12. Don't quote me on this, but I don't believe you can continuously use DPF cleaner fuel additive. However you can keep using system cleaner from Wynns or Redex. Wow, 10.4 is really low, even for a 180 in my experience! I wish I could help more! I know personally I chose to not use V Power, simply due to the cost here, I didn't see it as worth it. However, it's rather accepted that it is better, so hopefully that maintains it a little better for you!
  13. Ahh okay! Are there no companies which specialise in DPF cleaning? From what I have read, typically from other car brands, the DPF may actually be clogged wish ash, rather than needing to regenerate. Have you tried products like Redex DPF cleaner, or Wynns? It may be too late for it to be useful, however it could be worth a go, especially in combination with a long drive. Are the DPF filters a legal requirement in your country? I know in the UK there are companies which offer "DPF solutions", but if your country does not require them, then I would personally get rid! I
  14. Hey Mario, Have a look at Terraclean (https://www.terraclean.co.uk/) I'm unsure on prices, however I'm, pretty sure they're cheaper than £300, and well reviewed too! I know of a few posts on these forums that talk about them. Just a quick side question, when your SR180/T180 is doing these DPF cleans, do you notice the engine RPM fluttering slightly? By around 100RPM? Causing a slight judder in the car? Thank you, and I hope this helps!
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