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  1. For you that may be worth it, however for my case I don't believe it would be. I know you get far worse MPG than me, and the £400-£600 injectors, even if the test found one or two to be sub-par, it wouldn't be worth me repairing or replacing them! However for general knowledge I would definitely be interested in hearing/ seeing the results, so please let us know!
  2. Hey everyone, Mine stopped smoking for a couple hundred miles completely, and also no regen happened. However the past 100ish miles my car has produced white smoke maybe 3 or 4 times. So it has definitely reduced! As for MPG, I'm noticing no difference at all sadly 😞
  3. Hey guys, I've driven around 200 miles since changing my injector. My DPF definitely needs to regen (After around 300 miles of no DPF injector), and I tried to force it to regen on a motorway drive the other day with no luck. My MPG has been pretty terrible this tank of fuel, but that's because I drove a 120 round trip half of which was in towns with traffic, loaded with four people and a boot full of luggage, so not exactly an apples to apples test. However, after my next tank of fuel I'll update on here regarding my MPG to see if the fuel injector has made a difference to that. On
  4. Have you guys noted if it is white smoke or black? I changed mine yesteday and done 90 miles since, mainly 50-60s over atleast 10 mile distances and I have noticed no white smoke. For fuel economy, it’s pretty much the exact same amount I expected for my acceleration and journeys 😞 for me atleast, half the issue appears to be fixed. It’s worth noting, I haven’t seen my dpf regenerate at all, and it definitely needs to happen!
  5. Absolute worst case scenario (It will probably be okay though), is your parts store within walking distance, or can someone give you a lift? Then you can take it and match it. Either that, or you'll be putting it all back together having disconnected the cables, drive to the store with the copper O ring, drive back and do it all again. Alternatively; if you have a propane torch or similar you can try annealing the copper too! Mine was absolutely fine, and I'm sure yours will be too!
  6. Hey, I had this same thought. There is a small copper O ring which goes on the injector to keep it sealed, make sure you give it a clean if there is any carbon build-up, as this will also let you see if it is damage or cracked at all, if it is, buy a new one. If it looks alright I'm planning on reusing it. 🙂
  7. Weirdly, mine is telling me that the 5th injector is disconnected, and turns off traction control.
  8. Just to update, I filled up with fuel yesterday. My new bolt and injector should be arriving tomorrow or Thursday, and I'm planning on doing it Saturday afternoon. However, this tank of fuel I drove about 270/ 350 miles with the 5th injector unplugged, and my MPG was 40.5. I normally average 37/38. Also I have driven more short journeys on this tank. For the first 80ish miles of this tank my injector was connected, and my car registered my average consumption as 34. So it's still quite a big jump. My drive home last night, straight after filling up, my car read my average MPG as 45mp
  9. If it's any consolation, I'm still driving fine, did a brake bleed too and i'm braking very strong compared to before the pad change!
  10. I did my Auris SR180 a few months back, and they were incredibly difficult to wind back in. However I put this down to probably needing a recondition/ replacement.
  11. I have ordered the bolt from Toyota, luckily they still sold them, however I believe they're a pretty generic bolt. Only cost me £1.50 at least!
  12. Amazing!! I was looking for a schematic like this for ages! That's the exact part, at least I have a number now! Thank you!
  13. Hey everyone! Being an absolute idiot, I've lost a bolt which is used to connect a bracket to the engine block. The bracket it attaches seems to be a shield/ guard of some kind for the fuel line. It is the metal bracket which covers the fuel line connecting to the 5th injector in the DPF, mine only had one bolt attaching it, unsure if there should have been two! I have attached an image of both the bracket, and the general location where it is from. I hope someone can help?!
  14. Hey Ikram, I went for dinner mid teardown and put all the parts in my boot, it was when opening the bonnet the bolt slipped out and fell into the engine bay somewhere. I tried to have a good search, and searched around moving components to make sure it hadn't fallen into a belt or anything and it was nowhere to be found. Since then I've driven about 50 miles, so I would imagine it is gone for good 😞 That would be great! I've messaged a few places which are breaking 180s in the hope they have the part available. Does your engine have the same bracket? If so it's much easier to find a
  15. Here is the bracket, on mine only one bolt was in use.
  16. In the uk it fails the MOT and there’s a huge fine, as well as invalidating insurances
  17. Not yet, but I have driven quite far so I imagine it has fallen out by now! I’ll definitely have a look! it’s very much tempted me to get the DPF gutted, but I don’t want to, not with the risk of it!
  18. I have, I disconnected the connector to the 5th injector to stop it receiving power or a signal. I have since driven about 45 miles on one journey, low down torque is better, no lugging in 3rd on a roundabout. My MPG has slowly begun to rise (My car's recordings, which have always shown MPG to be worse than it actually is!) and no grey smoke whatsoever. So to me this says it is either the injector, or the wiring loom connecting to the injector. Our SR180s are a little bit different than the 2.0 that Ikram has, however his photos are accurate enough to where you can see what you need to do
  19. I may try it tomorrow, see what happens. I'll let you know if I can.
  20. Anyone tried disconnecting the 5th injector for a short while? Maybe 100 miles, monitor MPG and for smoke? If it's our 5th injector the cause. this should solve the issue?
  21. I drive mainly 25-30 mile trips, use the low-down torque and rarely go above 3k RPM, with a tuning box on eco mode, and I get 36-37mpg normally 😞
  22. Me too, I use additives every tank, whether that be 2-EHN or Redex system cleaner.
  23. Wow! That is really bad! Do you drive the car aggressively? Or stick in low gears?
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