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  1. Would the pedal box help with rev hang? I feel like the slow gearshift (mainly 1 ->2 and 2->3) make the car feel very sluggish.
  2. Every shop I called told me that the labour would be around 110 pounds plus parts so that's why the recommended a replacement unit. I could always try to change the bearings myself but I don't have a press or proper tools to remove the old bearings.
  3. Called some local shops and they told me that It would be better just to get a new altenator. Is the correct altenator 100A 14v? A new Denso altenator (DAN1019) costs around 171 pounds so luckily it's not that expensive.
  4. I took my altenator off this morning and tested the pulleys. Alternator pulley felt smooth but I could hear some grinding (ish) noise (video). Pulley freewheel worked as intended and water pump was ok too, no extra noises that I could tell. I also tried to listen for sound with the screwdriver method and heard some whining from the altenator although I'm not sure if its normal. I also noticed that When the engine idles with all the accessories on it makes the whining a bit more prominent (video). To me all signs point to a faulty alternator/altenator bearing but what do you guys think? VID_20210326_061102.mp4 VID_20210326_062723.mp4
  5. Having issues with sqeaking that is barely noticable when idling and pretty loud when the revs go past 2k. Belt tension is ok and the belt is a new continental belt. You can hear the sound better on the video where the phone was placed near the MAF sensor. I have a 2009 Toyota auris 1.6 ( 1zr-fe) 5 speed manual with 191 000 km (approx 119 000 miles) on the clock and the altenator looks to be original. VID_20210325_202116.mp4 VID_20210324_134718_01.mp4
  6. http://aijaa.com/XPoKUl http://aijaa.com/CO1Lxi Noticed that my new belt has some weird marks and is getting really hot, could it be slipping? could it be my water pump seizing (it's not leaking)? You really can't hear the sound in the video but it sounds like the belt is slipping or rubbing against something.
  7. Ac doesn't seem to have any effect on the noise. I aldo tried spraying some water on the belt but that didn't help either (propably not pulley misalignment then?) Belt runs true to my eyes atleast
  8. It's 1.6 dual vvti (1zr-fe) with a 5 speed manual transmission. The noise occurs both when driving (doesn't matter at which gear I'm on and happens both while accelerating and decelerating) and when revving while stationary in neutral.
  9. hello everyone! I noticed that my 2008 auris makes a weird chirping noise when the rpms are just below 2000 when the car is at operating temperature or close to it. I have replaced the serpentine belt and that made no difference (pulleys felt good also, no play and bearings felt smooth). I've also noticed that the clutch makes some creaking noises sometimes, could it be a bad release bearing (could be just lack of lubrication between clutch fork and ball? I haven't really been able to locate where the noise is coming from. Any help is appreciated
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