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  1. The sales manager at my local dealership told me yesterday that he had received a communication from the fleet side of Toyota UK (The division that deal with Motability) to say that orders for PHEV MY23 would open from the beginning of Q4. Out of curiosity I emailed Toyota UK today & asked if I ordered the Rav4 PHEV that I had configured on the website, what would be the lead time. Their reply:- Thanks for contacting Toyota. For the RAV4 PHEV Dynamic you are looking at an ETA of around May. Unfortunately the Dynamic premium grade model there is no more available orders. (I never enquired about the premium grade a bit of helpful additional information) Sales of our vehicles are either handled by the Sales Team at our franchised centres or our Buy Online team here. I would be happy to put you in touch with either of them to see what options are available to you. Please let me know if you would like me to do this for you, if you would prefer to speak to one of our centres then please let know who your nearest one is or your post code. Kind regards I emailed back & asked if this meant I was likely to be receiving the MY23 model & was the price quoted representative of this upgraded model. Their reply:- Thanks for getting back in contact. We are expecting MY23 production to start around April may time, so at the moment we couldn't guarantee that it would defiantly be the MY23 model. As for the pricing we have not yet updated the price list for the new models.
  2. Thanks Lee, this is now unfortunately the case. I double checked the Motability website. Both the Design & Dynamic PHEVs were available on the Motability Q2 list. We ordered the Dynamic on 19/06/22 & have both the dealership & Motability order forms confirming this. The dealership quoted a March 23 delivery, but said they would give a more specific date once they had placed the order on the Toyota portal. On 22/06/22 the dealer said there was a temporary block on the portal that may have something to do with change in models, but they expected this to be resolved in a day or two. My concern now is if the dealer has no evidence of attempting an order in Q2 and that Toyota may say "too bad Rav4 no longer on list" As everyone knows the increase in price from HEV to PHEV is pretty significant. My wife & I were resolved to probably sticking with HEV for our next vehicle and living in hope that economy of scale would bring PHEV or even BEV within economic reach sometime in the future. My wife then qualified for a Motability vehicle (qualifying of course being a double edged sword). Imagine our delight when we discovered the Rav4 PHEV was available. We were in the showroom within 24 hours. Just over 2 weeks ago we were excited to be upgrading our beloved Excel to a PHEV model & further pleased to discover on this forum we may be gettin the MY23 version (love a bigger infotainment screen) Now we await word from the dealer......
  3. I know it may be a long shot, but is anyone aware of a problem with dealership motability ordering systems not communicating with the Toyota ordering system. I was initially told there was a lockout on the ordering portal due to a potential change in models. I took that at face value & subsequently learned about the change to MY23 on this forum. However, I've been told today that there is an ongoing issue in trying to place the order. The initial order was on 19/06/2022
  4. But since they stopped taking orders for MY22 cars a while back that isn't too likely to occur. I'd like to ask:- When did they stop taking orders for the MY22 option? If my car dealer took an order for a PHEV Dynamic last Sunday (19/06/2022) am I likely to receive the MY23? I was quoted approx March 23 delivery. (Beginning to think the answer is in the question) Does anybody know the difference between the Essential Protection Pack & the Protection + Pack, the dealer doesn't? Has anyone had the home charger installed by British Gas? Did installation go smoothly & take place in a timely manner? Do you think the charger is of a reasonable quality?
  5. Yep. Using the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel, move left or right to the Cog Icon, find Settings, then Meter Type. Thanks for this info Pete. 😁
  6. I got my RAV4 Excel in October 2019, is it likely I would have option to switch my speedo to a digital format?
  7. Hi Steve02, I got this reply on from Toyota GB customer services 16/07/2020:- Thank you for your email. We will be introducing a retrofit for the model year 2019 RAV4 which will include Apple Carplay and Android Auto in October. Your local Toyota dealer will be able to carry out the retrofit. I hope this helps and thank you for taking the time to contact us.
  8. I am aware Toyota Owners Club has no association with Toyota........ as you have posted this previously. My comment was for general consumption & not intended for dealers or head office. I assume I'm not flouting any Club rules by offering an opinion>
  9. I checked with the service manager at my local Toyota dealership on 15/07/2020 if he new about a retrofit for my 2019 Rav4 Excel. He had heard nothing from Toyota about it happening at all. After coming upon this discussion board,I wrote to Toyota GB customer service & got the same confirmation as previously sited on the board:- Thank you for your email. We will be introducing a retrofit for the model year 2019 RAV4 which will include Apple Carplay and Android Auto in October. Your local Toyota dealer will be able to carry out the retrofit. I hope this helps and thank you for taking the time to contact us. Given that some of the comments on here go back to June 2019 & made reference to possible fix in May 2020 (obviously delayed for reasons previously stated), I would have thought local manager would have been aware of something. Maybe all other local RAV4 owners haven't been as bothered as I am about missing Android Auto or Carplay.
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