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  1. I am looking for aftermarket easy-fit parking sensors for my 2008 Yaris. Came across Connects2 Number plate sensors + camera thingie. What do you think? The camera will probably need to wait a bit until I replace the head unit to Sony XAV-AX1000 (or 1005DB if I'll feel brave and try to install DAB antenna) 🙂
  2. I used this one (eBay) - fits perfectly well and radio still works. Replacement takes about 2 minutes (including unpacking) and no wiring is needed.
  3. Hi, Long time ago I bought my Mk2 Yaris and I still love it. The car has covered more than 190 thousands miles and just passed MOT with no advisories. However, I'd like to make a couple of mods to the car, hence I've decided to dip into the pool of collective knowledge of the Toyota smarties :) Cheers