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  1. I've just been on their site sadly they dont have it for sale but I have contacted them. Thank you for the help anyways pal!
  2. Has anyone on here got a badge less front grille for the corolla e12 pre facelift? ive looked online, I found a website and purchased one, turned out to be a scam and the website went dark and I lost money. I've look on international eBay's and amazons, I've searched everywhere and found one in the uk ( but I'm unsure if its badge less and I've contacted them and their partner who makes it and they are closed due to covid thus not sure if they will make them again on reopening so there's no point dropping cash on that one. If anyone has an old TRD badge less one or any other aftermarket one I could buy I would greatly appreciate it. If anyone can link me to a legit seller of one also I would be chuffed. Thanks for reading!
  3. Figured it out if anyone wants to know I managed to put my finger tips under the plastic cover and really try to pry up and pull it off the stem, the issue lies that there are some teeth that hold the plastic cover in place Remi
  4. I just brought a metal handbrake cover and was hoping to put it on the corolla E12 but I'm unsure how to remove the plastic handle that is on it and or even if it's possible. Any help would be well appreciated. Kind regards, Remi. Remi
  5. - open the ashtray Infront of the gearstick and press down the black metal tab that is exposed within said ashtray and remove the tray. - undo the 2 Philips head screws that is now showing from the ashtray area - open up your armrest and remove felt lining if you have any in there, unbolt the 2 10mm bolts from the bottom of the inside of the armrest. - look underneath the handbrake and you'll see a thin cover place your thumb under the cover and pry up removing it. - unscrew your gearstick knob it may initially take a bit of force to remove anti clockwise - remove any cigarette lighter chargers etc and place your fingers under the lip at the bottom of where the ashtray was previously and pull up; the area with the gearstick gator and cigarette lighter should come out it's okay if the plastic bends a little when prying but it shouldn't bend to the point of breaking or damaging it. - once the gear gator has unclipped remove the cables attached to the cigarette lighter (they just pull out) - then grip the small rectangular storage bin that is behind the gearstick and put another hand at the back where the rear central ash tray would be behind the armrest and pull up at the back and then forward until the handbrake has came out of the rectangular gap and then lift the front up by the gear stick and place the armrest on the rear seats. I hope that helps, done it hundreds of times, any questions just ask [emoji3526] Remi
  6. Just wondering but what will your mpg be like in a 1 litre towing? Not even mentioning the speed and power of acceleration. When transporting goods in mine I just fold down and fold forward the back seats and use it as a makeshift transit Remi
  7. Same thing happens in my corolla t spirit 52 plate, I found if you accelerate and let it spool down you can get it into gear or you sometimes have to let go of the clutch again and redo the manoeuvre, or in some circumstances I've managed to just brute force it out of gear. It hasn't happened to me since I installed a short shifter so it may be the old bushing Hope that helps somewhat Remi
  8. That's a good idea thanks I'll give that a try :) Remi
  9. do you guys know how to remove swirls? brought the car with them, even though its 18 years old i still wanna make it look nice but dont want to delve into something thatll make it worse
  10. I have the exact set up except I stayed away from karchers soap product and instead use autoglym polar range, polar blast then sit for 10 min use polar wash and a wool wash mitt and then use polar seal to seal the water out of the body work as I didn't trust the karcher soap it was too loose for me and fell right off the car Remi
  11. I'm sure they just use retaining clips, if the one I linked from Ali express doesn't fit you can buy self adhesive squares of the stuff and cut it to shape your bonnet. Hope that helps a little :) Sent from my HD1913 using Tapatalk
  12. hopefully this gets bumped through all the replies, maybe its worth looking for a UK hybrid review they sometimes show under bonnet images which may show it in?
  13. oh I see okay mate, I'll do some digging as well to check. Edit: it looks to me as if they all do, I read on another forum some corollas (older generations) only have them in certain markets, JDM, USA. But I don't think that applies anymore.
  14. hmm they would probably charge an arm and a leg, but im sure they can source it as its a new model, or you could always look for a scrappy that has one or maybe even copart would sell the odd piece?
  15. I guess it depends if you had it done through a third party, if you had it done at a Toyo dealership maybe go back and ask for it, if not its called sound damping or sound proofing material. Looking on reddit a few people don't have it in their models from 2016 - 2019 it may be due to it being a hybrid I'm not sure, in case you want to look for them or order some I've found some here. It also maybe called hood insulation. Hope it helps Remi.