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  1. Thank you. Yes, my car is the 1AD-FTV variant. Do you know if the copper injector washers will be related to the rattle on acceleration too?
  2. Hi Guys, I've got a 2007 Toyota Avensis 2.0 D-4D, with 125k miles on the clock. Over the last few months I have been getting a rattle from the engine, i've read about injector rattle online etc but not sure if this is the case with mine. So when I dont start the car for a day or two, on start up i get a little bit of white smoke, with a strong sooty smell. When the engine is cold and I am driving I get a bad rattle on acceleration (1500+ rpm). However, im slightly confused as when the engine is nice and hot (long motorway run) I dont get any sort of rattle? If it was an injector it would rattle when hot too? Any ideas on what it could be? Thanks in advance for any help.