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  1. Hi Everyone I was wondering if anyone can give some advice. I have a 1990 Toyota camry that had some issues about 5 years ago where it was hesitating when accelerating. Took it to be looked at with the dealer and they said they performed a manual sweep of the air flow meter and found to be operating normally. If the problem was still happening that it should be replaced. They put in a used air flow meter which did not work and the car wouldn't move. They cleaned and put back the original but they said it was not in optimal state. They did a compression test and passed 160psi across and leak down test shows there is leakage down 1 bank and contributing to drivability issues. On their notes, it said If the problem went more they said it may need an engine? They were not sure. They said they corrected advance engine timing and found car accelerated from stop without a problem. They also said on another page that they did the Leak down test and found a leak at the exhaust side. All fluids were replaced at that time. We found the car still hesitated and at the time we left it. It has been sitting now for about 5 years underground parking without it being moved. The car is sentimental and is in good shape without much rust. It does have 300,000 km on it but not sure if it is worth fixing now? I don't know much on cars so would likely have to take this back to the dealer to be looked at. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!