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  1. Does anyone have drivers for mini vci that work on windows 10 i have bought a cable and been told it will work but it is not at all.
  2. I already cleaned the EGR think it is clear enough. Had good motorway drive roughly 30 miles at 3rd gear and over 3000 rpm constantly wiredly shift assistance and cruise control started working yesterday for a while but I was forced to buy fuel shortly after, when restarted engine there was same issue again.
  3. Waiting for a cable for delphi but is on the way from china.
  4. is it regardnig dirty DPF you mean??. Why the car is not sluggish then?
  5. Hey everyone i am Mike from Swindon Wiltshire farly new to toyota cars.
  6. Hello everyone hopefuly someone will be able to help. I have "Check Parking Brake System" on the dash display. Parking brake works manually, cruse control and shift assistance both not working. I am waiting for my delphi cable and I have used the torque just to get fault code but the torque is showing that there are no fault codes. Car drives smoothly guess it is not a dpf also I have cleand EGR yesterday. Any idea why the torque doe not show fault codes?