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  1. With the Optitron, you can change the (left button) function display to range remaining (e.g in miles). What the computer thinks it can do is more interesting to me than the bars.
  2. Oh, I missed this the first time around. Thank you very much. The product description gives me the "hook" I need to search or inquire further: So, I think what I should be looking for is data bus interface. I will find out what data bus standard the 2009 Auris meets. I know there is some kind of plug available under the fusebox.
  3. Explanation of the terminology is really helpful. You've introduced two new terms now. AA = attention alerting perhaps? And what is AC? Certainly you don't mean air conditioning in this context....
  4. Thanks, the recommendations are appreciated. I wanted to note however that the Viofo A129 wasn't reviewed very well by They said the image quality was possibly too poor to put to use in investigation of an incident. In fact, this was their conclusion for a wide range of the available products. A Blackvue product, on the other hand, was well reviewed. I think they only marked it down for some nonfunctional things like price and lack of a display.
  5. It was actually super easy to just pry off the cover with a large flat screwdriver. The cut and curled foil ring has been cutting my hand...
  6. Thanks if you can recommend a particular product you think works well with the car. Is "head unit" the name of the thing I should be shopping for, then? I'm surprised you think sleepy driver warning is a deal breaker, since that kind of feature is included in dash cam units these days. Somehow I thought it might be more sensible however to integrate that into the system and then to just have dumb cameras. I guess I was thinking of this head unit as something like a CCTV recorder specific for cars.
  7. Thanks, I edited my post for clarity. I mean that the device or kit includes a GPS receiver.
  8. The market is awash with products and buzzwords. Most of the products I can find are emphasizing things I don't care about, like music amplifier wattage or entertainment video formats. Would love anybody's real-world experience with upgrading the stock double-DIN stereo with something providing modern capabilities. Features I am interested in: Sleepy driver warning Reversing camera with steering wheel integration (i.e. showing the future track in the image) Navigation with GPS receiver Front and rear dashcam integration Thanks for any assistance.
  9. Could you (or anybody) name one of these units specifically made for the Auris? I am assuming it includes car controls like knowing the selected gear and steering wheel position for the reversing camera?
  10. Check the thread here for instructions to pry off and replace the top ring:
  11. The top ring part is 33624-09040 for six-speed, and 33624-09070 for five-speed. I have had a little difficulty sourcing the part however. I learned this from the post below:
  12. Has anybody had good luck with the non-Toyota lookalike replacement knobs available on Amazon and Ebay? I am having a little trouble sourcing the £4 cover part (33624-09040). A supplier told me he couldn't guarantee it would fit my car, would only sell me the full knob instead for over £100...
  13. I agree that replacing the gearbox is a simple fix, because the alternative is probably taking yours apart. Find someone willing to sell you a gearbox with some amount of warranty on it.
  14. Agreed, that's a great part. I just fitted it on a 2009 5-door. What I like even better is that it curves behind the door jamb, so that it will never be able to pop up and block the door opening, which is what my original part was doing at 11 years of age.