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  1. The USB charge port is absent in the armrest cubby on my 2020 GR Sport.
  2. Number plates can have the Welsh flag, which is green and white.
  3. Quick question. Do the seats in the (UK / EU) GR Sport have real leather bolsters? The brochure says that they are part leather but it feels like the leatherette on the seat backs.
  4. I've not had experience with other cars, so I don't know Toyota's is any worse than others. I feel like it wants me to hug the left hand side of the lane, which is scary when there's a HGV next to you. I don't use it in heavy traffic. It only works with cruise control.
  5. I've just noticed that my rear brake discs on both sides don't seem to be wearing across their full width. The inner halves are smooth as one would expect, but the outer halves are pitted. Is this normal (for a hybrid)?
  6. I haven't had mine long enough to get a good picture of its MPG, but the first month was in the 50s. The last fill was down to 44.5. This was from across lockdown #2 and #3 (+tier 3 & 4 in between), so not a representative sample of 'normal' usage. I'm happy with this considering I've got a lead foot and I used to get 40 MPG out of my old diesel Golf. On the My Toyota app, one journey can be in the 20s and the next in the 60s, along similar roads. Using heated seats & air con at the start can drain the battery causing the engine to kick in sooner. Keep a log of fills and mileages. If it doesn't improve in a few months, take it back to the dealer. If they can't (or don't want to) find anything, maybe get a loan car with the same size engine for a day or two to see if that is the same. If it is, then it's your style.
  7. The fuel warning light came on about 40 miles before, so probably another 4 litres in addition to the 7 in the tank on 'empty'. Sent from my Brain using my Fingers
  8. Same here. My journeys after yesterday midday haven't been recorded, nor has my mileage or refill. Sent from my Brain using my Fingers
  9. This was, in my clumsy way, the question I was asking. Sent from my Brain using my Fingers
  10. According to the specs, the 2.0l (2020) has a tank capacity of 43 litres. I filled up today with the tank reading as empty, but it only took 36 litres to fill it, and that was to the brim (third click on the nozzle). Now I'm used to, on my previous cars, there being a difference between showing as empty on the dashboard and actually empty, but it's never as much as 7 litres. How far has anyone driven with the fuel guage showing empty? Sent from my Brain using my Fingers
  11. The data came through a few hours after, but not all of it! I'd been for a 'spirited' drive in it for the first time. I am impressed with its handling on some twisty B-roads, and pleased that it does have enough poke to overtake. I was interested to see what "hybrid coaching" would have made of it (on detention for a week!), hence my question about how quick it downloaded the information. However, it's only downloaded part of the journey. According to My Toyota, I'm in a ditch in the middle of a Welsh forest! Sent from my Brain using my Fingers
  12. In the mobile app, the location and recent trips don't update quickly. It says, "we can only update if you park somewhere with mobile coverage". It also says it's still moving. Does the car have an inbuilt SIM? If so, which network? 3G or 4G? Or is it reliant on being connected to my phone? And will it only update when it's on and my phone's in the car? Or does it connect via WiFi? So many questions! Sent from my Brain using my Fingers
  13. The USB will only accept one input at a time (even with a hub), so you can have a USB drive with music on, or a phone with Android Auto running (to play the music stored on the phone or a streaming service). Whether you connect via Bluetooth or AA via a cable, it's the same music from your phone. You can still control it via the steering wheel buttons, etc. If you connect via Bluetooth, you can use your phone for music (and have another USB plugged in), but you wouldn't have Google maps or Waze via Android Auto on the car's screen. You could still have AA running on the phone's screen. It's a shame that this car doesn't have wireless Android Auto. That would be such a leap forward. Sent from my Brain using my Fingers
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