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  1. LOL! That would've been awesome to see!
  2. Lets see.... There's "Vectrum..." "P.O.S..." "Douchebag..." Or, "Oh my God, you're such a sodding P.I.T.A!!!" :D
  3. Most of them, yes. They'll be council owned, still owned by the MOD, etc... There's one or two down here though that are open to the public (when there's no air traffic about), that allow you to use it to do timed runs, etc.
  4. A dis-used airfield? My private road is the M40...
  5. I got out with a stick and metal and challenge God to strike me down.
  6. Male stripper? You looked smashing in that hat and black bag combo at last year's JAE... :D
  7. was told by local toyota garage minor service is £95 major £145 One prime example there for you Crazy Chick. Service pricing will vary from dealer to dealer, but I think the service plan is an expensive option. How much does your local Mr T charge for servicing?
  8. Is that 2 minor services and one major, or vice versa? Sounds a lot if it's 2 minor services and one major service. Should be about £80-100 for minor service, and about £120-£180 for a major service IMO...
  9. Used to. Haven't played in months. Just not really entertained by it now...
  10. Mine did the same, and it was the pedal itself. Bit of grease, and it was sorted. ;)
  11. And lets not forget the great storm of 2006!
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