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  1. The problem with this method is you are most likely to bend the pinch welds. If you know a place underneath the car that is safe to place jack stands on besides the pinch welds let me know.
  2. Do you mean the location that's marked in the red circle , on top of the round opening? Also would that mean that I can only use one jack stand?
  3. Thank you for your reply. There seems to be no visible "chassis leg". Just lots of plastic unfortunately.
  4. What is the best place to put a jack stand on a Auris Hybride 1.8 from 2010? The factory advised jack point in the front of the car is were the carjack goes to lift the car up so can't put a jack stand there. Tried to place the jack stands on the pinch welds on the side of the car (see picture) but those just bend very easily, not sure if that happened because of the jack stands or when trying to lift the car from there using a different car jack instead of the emergency jack that comes with the spare wheel which I think the pinch welds are designed for. I will try again with new car stands with a V shape that will go under the pinch welds in the hope it won't bend again even tho I don't want to risk it and prefer to place the stands somewhere else. Anyone that can help with this? Thank you Mostly plastic cover and big bolts, anyone know a safe place to put the jack stands on? Bend pinch welds Factory advised jack points that I already use for the the car jack