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  1. Hi, I am looking for answers, I have a 100 Series Landy, the Cruise Control is playing up, when I am cruising down the freeway I engage the Cruise Control, I have a 4 Speed Auto Gearbox (I have O/D engaged) it is all fine when the road is flat, as soon as I come to any kind of rise in the road it will kick down and start revving high, if I disengage cruise it straight away pops up into O/D and its all good, I can pedal the throttle like normal till I engage Crusie Control again. If I engage C/C and pedal the throttle up a bit when approaching hills I can manipulate it to keep C/C engaged but that is not the idea of Cruise Control to have to manipulate the throttle to keep things smooth, has anyone else had this problem or know what is causing this? Graeme Power