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  1. Do you have to buy the techstream software? I mean i just downloaded the 15.20.015 version from google but i have not tried to install it. I will see if the file works and then i just need a cable im gonna buy( : Yeah i also really need to turn the seatbelt alarm off.
  2. Hi everyone. In yesterday i realese my car was getting bad fuel economy. Toyota claims it goes 18,5 on the liter. But my car is far from getting that. My 5th injector is bad and im going to fix it soon myself. But i dont think a bad 5th injector can defekt the fuel economy. My car is a 2.0 D4D 2009 Avensis Can anyone tell me if this is normal and can anyone tell me how much fuel economy their car gets?
  3. It doesn't let me download the link you sent. Chrome blocked it because chrome suspects it to be harmful.
  4. Yeah. I downloaded the sofware for free from a website. I have notice that the driver not does not work with new operating systems. And you need windows XP or windows 7 use it othervise it does not work.
  5. Cleaning an EGR valve is regular maintenance in my Avensis.
  6. Did they also recall 2009-2014 models?
  7. Hi. Is it possible for me to get my hands on Toyotas diagnostic software on windows? I need it to fix some of my issues and program the car and other kinds of stuff.
  8. I have been wondering for a long time. If you can pair a petrol engine with a diesel transmission. Is it possible?
  9. Have anyone done it with a 2.0 Avensis?
  10. I swear in my country there is no petrol 2009-2012 Toyota Avensis for sale that have driven 200000km. All the Avensis diesels for sale have driven 300000 to 500000km and still runs fine. And even the diesels were cheaper, stronger, faster and drives even more on the liter. Sure they did have problems with the 5th injektor but Toyota did fix that in 2012 and fixed some 2009 models for free and that was the only problem. Yes i know Toyota make the best petrol engines but from 2007-2011 Toyota did have a issue with the petrol engines in the piston rings in all of Toyota models and cause
  11. I have driven 5 hybrid Toyotas and yes they are wonderful cars. I almost bought one myself. But dont underrate the diesels, because they are gret cars aswell and they are better to pull stuff. Would it not be better if Toyota made A hybrid Diesel?
  12. This happends to a lot of people. Thats why i dont buy used cars from Toyota. I only buy used Toyotas from other places and Toyota are always selling used cars double the price they are worth.
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