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  1. Ok thanks for that. Listen you've gone above and beyond with this but think we should knock it on the head now. Really appreciate you're help but I think I'm going to sell the radio in the new year.
  2. Hi there, any progress with your findings? I notice that the radio I have it says R1 but there are also others with R0. Is there a difference and could it possible that R0 is for manual and the R1 I have is for Auto??
  3. I'm looking to revisit the door lights, seen these on AliExpress. Has anyone installed something similar and via the interior lights? I'm very tempted to have a go. Here's a picture and link of what I'm considering ¥7.61 12%OFF | Fits For Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 150 Series Prado MK4 J150 For Lexus ES240 IS250 Led Door Courtesy Light Bulbs White https://a.aliexpress.com/_EJBcypV
  4. It was mainly the bigger screen to be honest hence getting the 2017 head unit. When I was deciding between the 2, what swung it for me is that 2017 would be plug and play. How wrong was I 😂
  5. It looks nice. What spec is it? Ram, chipset, Rom? Also do you get Car/trip information? Does it take long to boot up? Does the radio continues to run if you click off, and go into say maps or if your reverse camera comes on? I did consider getting an Android but wasn't sure if they are any good so I went for the upgraded version of mine. But unfortunately it wasn't plug n play.
  6. Just read you comments on the other post. Thanks for still looking into this. Hopefully it's a cheap and not so complicated solution. So you wouldn't recommend the AliExpress Android head units then. They're isn't much choice and some of the 'branded' ones look a bit silly.
  7. Unfortunately I can't answer your question but would like to know which head unit you have. Currently working with someone here to trying to get a 2017 head unit working but failing that I might consider one of these android ones. TIA
  8. Hi, Washing the car thing morning and notice lots of green mould around the rubber sill inserts. Is there a particular way to remove these rubber strips and any advice on preventing the build up of moss/mould. Many thanks
  9. Cheap is good. Sounds complicated already 🙂 But would definitely look at what you propose. I've pretty much gone over my budget buying the bits and pieces already 🤦 Thanks again for your effort and look forward to what you have in mind 👍👍👍
  10. Hi, cheers for still looking into this. Obviously depending on the cost and effort, I'll certainly consider the solution. Would it potenitally require more rewiring etc?
  11. Hi there, I was wondering whether you had chance to look into this again? No problems if you haven't and like I said if no joy, I will try to get some of my money back on this. Cheers
  12. I went through a car wash a few ago and saw it leaking from the top of the boot door. This was caused by me lifting away the seal to route the wiring, and the way I installed it meant the cable was sticking out of it. Have you recently removed any of the door weather sealing which may have not been put back properly?
  13. I see, so it's disabled on the new unit I have. Ok I think I should call it a day on this then. Cheers for your help on this 👏👍
  14. @flash22 Is it a possibility that the new stereo is broken? Is there a way to check with multimeter that the pin 2 is working on the radio itself? If it's broken then I'm going to get a refund on it.
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