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  1. OK i went ahead and got a K&N panel filter. And i must say i have noticed a difference immediately. The lag i had on initial take off has improved and acceleration in general has improved. I do feel the car a bit nippier 🙂 Overall i am very satisfied. Next to do a oil change and spark plugs change. Then she will be going like a dream 😎
  2. so will Denso Spark Plug K16R-U11 definitely work in a 2007 Auris 1.5L ? Is the K16R-U11 iridium or platinum ?
  3. Great thanks. I will look up those part numbers from your screenshot
  4. Thanks. Do you or anybody know what NGK or Champion part number the copper plus would be , that would fit or be compatible for the 08 Auris ?
  5. Hi Has anyone went from a stock Auris air filter to a K&N direct panel replacement filter ? Just wanting to know if you noticed a difference or not ? And what was noticeable after replacing the filter ? Just wanting to hear from people with first hand experience... before i make the change or decide to continue to use stock air filter. thnx
  6. Hi there I am looking at changing my spark plugs for my 2008 Auris 1.5L Petrol 1NZ-FE. I do an oil change very often and would like to change the plugs during this time. Just wondering if the Auris can take cheaper cooper plugs or does it have to be iridium plugs and no other ? As i mentioned i prefer to change plugs during oil changes hence the Q. thnx
  7. do you know where i can get a owners manual for 2007 Toyota Auris (nze151) ?
  8. Hi All, Just looking at doing a service on my newly bought 2007 Toyota Auris (nze151) 1.5L . I am the second owner and It currently has 40K kms on the clock. So for piece of mind i would like to do a basic service. Oil , oil filter, air filter and fluid tops up etc. Unfortunately i do not have the owner manual , Can someone please let me know : - What's the best oil and grade ? Fully synthetic ? - what's the oil filter part number ? - What is the recommended Spark plugs. I intend on servicing it every 10K kms. So prefer to use the non expense iridium plus but unsure what part number of those plugs are ? Can only find Iridium ones. - is there a dip stick for the transmission oil ? - how do i check CVT oil? As you could probably guess this is my first Toyota and first CVT transmission gear box. So if there is anything else i need to be checking or changing do let me know. Thnx in advance
  9. Hi All, I just purchased a 07 Toyota Auris 1.5L CVT auto. Can someone please tell me how to turn off the "Eco" mode ? Thnx advance
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