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  1. It seems you have media unit originally fitted in Japan which is in Japanese language, download google translated in your smart phone and go to car media unit settings, there should a settings where you can stop these announcements, or youtube is your best teacher.
  2. Hi, I recently got engine light on on my Toyota estima x 2006 petrol hybrid imported car, so took to local garage where I normally go to, after diagnose he said replace hybrid battery pack, while I thought hybrid battery is for life, anyway my questions are 1. Do I have to replace battery? Can’t I just run the car as it is now? If I have to change battery then where To get it from? 2. Is this safe to run the car without hybrid battery pack? Although it’s running on patrol fine, the only difference is it is not running on hybrid for 1st when you are at speed of 30 or less miles per hour, 3. If I don’t change battery and just run on patrol, how to switch off engine light, I believe having engine light on is mot failure, please confirm, 4. has any of you come across in my situations and how did you deal with it? thank you for reading and replying
  3. Dear All Recently went for MOT and got failed due to Exhaust Middle Section leaking, Now looking for Exhaust Middle Section which includes catalytic converter as well. Can anyone please put me to right directions where to get this from, I have checked with euro car parts and other local stores but none of these seems to have stock and does not know where to get this from. Thank you for reading and looking forward to hear from you soon My car is Toyota estima 2006 hybrid/petrol 2.4
  4. I believe yours is 3 litter, Mine is 2.4 and Hybrid as well, Anyone please advise, I am sure there are many here who has similar to My car.
  5. Dear members I have Toyota Estima 2006 2.4 petrol/hybrid AHR20 car, I am unable to find correct engine oil for this, Spoke with Toyota and other reputable garage but getting mixed answers, some says 0W20 and some says 5W30, Car has done 99000 miles on clock. Please recommend correct engine oil. I have also got this converted to LPG gas as well, so I am on three fuel sources petrol/lpg gas/hybrid. Please reply soon as my service is due now.
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