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  1. Not for cc I just want an update for any computer in the car VNKKL0D390A346828
  2. thank you please if you have acces to www.toyota-tech.eu I want to check if there is a new update/calibration for my yaris I can't acces from my country because we don't have payment method
  3. hello Please what is the difference between theese two flywheel 13405-0Q021 and 13405-0Q020 because i have some vibration in the deceleration ( between 1400 and 1200 rpm) This is a mechanical problem , from the clutch kit , i guss that it come from the flywheel because the clutch and the cover and the bearing are the same from 2015 , this problem start from 2018 in aygo and yaris 1.0 72Ps
  4. Yeh i try to ground the right pin but nothing works , this method was worked in other reference 86140-0d321 The only way to turn on bluetooth is to install navigation module on my 86140-0d310 So can you find another pin to detect that the navigation module is installed ? (like pin 6 to detect the mic)
  5. I purchased toyota touch and go 86140-0D320 for my yaris III Bluetooth was not working I try to ground pin 6 with wire but not working I purchased toyota original mic an i install it but nothing new bluetooth still not clickable in the setting menu Any help please ?
  6. Finnaly i get the mini vci cable , and i used techstream on my car I didn't find the cruise control 🥲 But i find the ASL (speed limiter) , with some additional wires it was activated and it works 😉 But i want the cruise control 🥲🥲
  7. Hello @flash22 , do you remember me? I'm the eu yaris 1.0 owner 😥 Any new for ccs on my car? Is there an ecu for my car can enable the ccs? Mine is : 89661-0UB11 Thanks for all , and "mubarak" the ccs 😊
  8. I bought the brake pads for my yaris 2019 1.0 According to TOYODIY, their reference is 04465-0d210, brand GALFER 5019 I bought TRW - GDB3457 pads which conform to the Yaris 2014 >>> 2018 reference (04465-0d050 brand PAGID), I mounted it on my car and it works perfectly! My question is: Why toyota changed the part number of this part, yet it is compatible? !
  9. So I can replace 42450-0D051 with 42450-0D050 in my yaris without any problem ?
  10. please what's the difference between these references of HUBS 42450-0D051 42450-0D050
  11. okey hank you for your help just put the link of the thread that show how to reprogram may ECU and the paid files that i need and i will try soon
  12. i have check out stalk's resistances and i found the same value like your post ! Please check this post ! but can you give me how to check my own car Electrical diagram ? This is my car in toyodiy by vin
  13. Is there an another website to leanrn parts of toyota cars ? Toyodiy stops at 2019 , and no update until this day...
  14. I'm wating sir , thank you very much Don't forget to help me as you can This is my ECU
  15. I think that the ground must be from the engine control (pin 35)
  16. Cruise button ? I remove the multimeter when i insert the stalk
  17. I found 12 volt in this brown wire into the steering wheel, the groud from the body I've check the next brown wire to found 12 volt , i didn't found any result with the first brown wire I've install the stalk : the red wire from the stalk to the first brown wire The black wire from the stalk to the body I turn ignition on and i press "on" in the stalk , but no result The stalk after testing show me many different value In ohm
  18. So what i need to do to make CCS working on my car Reprogram the control , activate hidden futures , add new wire ... Believe me i need it so much 😥
  19. @flash22 please answer to my question !
  20. 36 is wired with black wire 35 is not wired So what's the problem !
  21. So when i connect the cruise control I should using 35pin as a groud ? I should connect 2 wires to the ECU ?
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