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  1. Hi I have 2021 spec model and it is 14.75 inches or 37.50 centimetres depending on what age group you are.😄 regards Terry
  2. Hi turn up your radio volume whilst using the phone. that should do it regards Terry
  3. Hi Have a look at Rhino covers online. I am pretty sure they do seat covers as well. I had a set from them for the rear load area before xmas and they are very good quality and a reliable company. regards Terry.
  4. Hi Going over single speed bumps by bridging them is problem causing that!!! with a wider track vehicle such as the rav4 it is the easy option to straddle them. I am as guilty of this as anyone but you will pay the price in tyre wear. regards Terry.
  5. Hi. Anybody got any idea what the bulb code letter/numbers would be for the complete rear end of the 2020 Rav 4 ? Thanks in advance Terry.
  6. Hi cant help with the dog guard but look online at Rhino covers. Very good service and quality covers with loads of options. Terry
  7. Hi ordered my excel with them as it is something that I have done for years. Strangely I went over to see a mate of mine who has the same model and the first thing he said was what a difference in the amount of crap that was on his compared to mine. They suit the RAV4 which is good however you put mud flaps on some cars and they look diabolical. no brainer for me personally. regards Terry
  8. Hi, finally took delivery of my MY21 Rav 4 Excel yesterday and I am over the moon with it. If I have any reservations at all , it is that the grey leather is a little on the light side. I have some Dr Leather stain block so I think the seats will get a coat of that very shortly Brilliant car regards Terry
  9. Hi all At Last, MY21 model with 19 inch wheels etc being delivered to my door on 17 December. Got the reg number sent through today so all good. Been a 4 month wait but guess I am lucky compared to some of you. Terry
  10. I feel very sorry for you mate. You spend a small fortune on a new car and some untrained ( or lazy ) botch it artist comes along and ruins it for you. If you stand over them they don’t like it and if you leave them to it they mess it up. So called professionals . I had a service done at a main dealer on a previous car a couple of years back and they managed to dump a filter housing full of diesel over my alternator. Then denied it and wanted £750 for a new one.!!!!! Till I went over their head to the manufacturer. All ok in the end but it should not have happened. Good
  11. Silly money and a lot more than the Suzuki.
  12. Hi Put it in Eurocarparts,sure those will come up as one of the options. Terry
  13. Hi. Well when I get mine with 19 inch wheels I shall be in a position to do a direct comparison as I have a mate who has a 2020 excel with 18 inch wheels on it. This will be interesting to see. Terry
  14. Thanks Philip, was getting a bit worried then. Last thing I want with this new car is a rough ride. Terry
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