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  1. Reference the PDI , this is no doubt the downside of buying online. No salesman to go back to and as good as the online company were and I have to say mine were excellent what do you do in a situation like that. Trouble is that you wander what else could have been missed. Terry
  2. Wow, my car is now 14 months old so I hope those door plugs were removed, can you tell me where to look to check that they have been removed please? I think that bad PDI work is the possible downside of buying online as I guess the supplying dealer has cut his profit to the bone and just wants to shift the car on with minimal input. Terry I
  3. Found a plastic bag in the passenger side of mine nearly out of sight under the seat. turned out to be 2 plastic blanking plates that even had instructions with them that they had to be fitted on the chassis ends to stop water going inside the frame of the car at the front end. Took me to minutes to fit them but really not good enough. Trouble was that the car was purchased from an online dealer. Terry
  4. Hi A word of warning about those clips with kit PQZ21. when fitted the edges of them are like razor blades, it's easy to run your fingers over them when cleaning the car. And yes they are pushed up as far as they will go. I ended up putting gaffer tape over the ends of the clips so problem solved for me. regards Terry
  5. That's it, thanks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Its the age thing! What's my name ?πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ Terry
  6. Hi, yes I had metal dust caps seize up on me in a remarkably short time. Tried that gold coloured grease that you put on the back of brake pads and that helped a lot second time around. Screw them on and leave them at your peril. I have now gone fore chrome effect plastic ones. regards Terry
  7. Hi Bit of guessology but could this be a problem within the computer set up. Is it worth having the car plugged in at a garage and checked out. only other thing is that it could be a fault in the stalk as I assume that you pull back to flash the lights but push forward to go to high beam. Possibly worth getting an auto electrician to check it out. Just trying to help regards Terry
  8. HOW LONG ???? Poor car hasn't got a chance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Power washers aren't a good idea long term either. Personally I don't find it a bad car to wash at all. The only oddball is the rear door vertical seals that get totally covered in road grit etc and need a good clean with the hose on a gentle spray. Just proves those seals are doing their job though. Terry
  9. Hi Had this repair carried out on my 2020 excel end of last year including the replacement side rail. The dealer was excellent in wanting to get this right first time for me. Not had a problem since. As above the information is all there for the dealer if they take the trouble to look. regards Terry
  10. Hi as said before I find the 19 inch wheels very easy to clean though I use 2 different size wheel brushes. You will find that an 18 inch wheel will work as a spare as said here before Terry
  11. Hi I had a vibrating noise around the lower dash area.Turned out after a lot of hassle to be the cable that I had run from the cigar lighter across and behind the plastic covering below the steering wheel and up the pillar and behind the headlining across to the rear view mirror to feed the dash cam! These wires are hard plastic and gradually settle against the panels within the car.And vibrate!!!! Acquired soft rubber tubing and sheathed the wire!! A very annoying problem solved but of my own doingπŸ™„πŸ™„ Terry
  12. Got to agree 100% with the above I am sorry to say. Bored and falling asleep are a real concern Terry
  13. Fitted gas struts about 10 months ago, car like this should already have them!!!!!!!! Only problem is that I feel obliged to put a note in the car warning that it has gas struts when it goes in for service. Think the struts cost me about Β£20.00. I did give the brackets a coat of grey paint to match the car. ( anal or what ) Don't have a problem cleaning the 19 inch wheels at all although I do use 2 different shaped brushes. Having owned a string of mpv's I have had a stool for roof cleaning for years as this is a must.Normally use a wooden kitchen chair with the back sawn off. IDEAL Terry
  14. Hi, Interesting. My alarm light is flashing when the car is locked. As for the electronic parking brake, mine is definitely illuminated when I park but I have just had a lock now with the car locked and it is not showing now. I unlocked the car and it did not illuminate. I have my car set so that the electronic brake applies when I engage park. I believe that you can change this to a manual application but not sure. hope this helps Terry
  15. Hi Have to say that I am well impressed as to how tough the paint on the Rav appears to be. I have had Fords for the last 12 years prior to this Rav and just thought that all paints were not very good anymore. Just goes to show even in the paint world there are different levels of Quality. Terry
  16. Hi you have yourself a bargain at that price. I am aware of people paying over Β£500 just for the wheel on this site . Mine set me back Β£200 in the end for the complete kit and I thought that I did okπŸ˜€ Terry
  17. Hi mate of mine has a 2020 model with 18 inch wheels and I have the one with 19 inch wheels quite frankly I can't tell the difference in ride quality between them. I was a little concerned when mine turned up with the 19 s it but I really don't have a problem with them Terry
  18. Hi Baser. My Rav is registered December 2020 and I was surprised and pleased when it arrived with the 19 inch wheels. They are 225/55/19. The spare kit that I put together myself is Rim from Oponeo ( online ) and tyre 225/55/18 . If you look at the online comparison charts you will find that the 18 to 19 difference is well within the acceptable limits. I then purchased the centre screw unit to hold it down from Toyota online plus jack and brace on ebay. made up the storage unit out of 2 layers of 100 mm kingsman insulation. As said I have fitted the wheel front and back and no problem at all. Be warned that the wheel is quite heavy to change so I would personally call the AA/ RAC out and let them do it. Reason I didn't get a spare was I ordered the pan roof. hope this helps Terry
  19. Hi I personally reckon it would be ok. I have the 19 inch wheels on mine and a 18 inch spare that I have fitted front and back to make sure it's ok.Sorted mine out a while back now so can't remember the size details at the moment. If you want me to check mine then just let me know. For Β£75.00 ( with tyre ?????? ) that is a bargain and you will get your money back all day long regards Terry.
  20. When I tried it at home I lost my camera warning 😑😑 easier to let the dealer do it and no charge. Terry
  21. Hi could you have caught them with a cloth when cleaning the car. Terry
  22. Hi Thanks for that info. Not over the moon with my screen either. Can you name the pink cream cleaner or is that not allowed under club rules πŸ˜€ Regards Terry
  23. Used Drivethedeal twice over the past years. Ist time was first class. Second time was a nightmare. Used UK Car Discount. Com for this one and quite honestly I can’t recommend them highly enough. Family business and they care. Every order was a factory build with extras . regards Terry.
  24. As. Have already said before you have 2 choices for the insert. 1. Order a insert if you know someone who has a HEV with the spare. It has to be available as a spare part for that car.Will probably cost you an arm and a leg for it though. 2. Make one from Celotex insulation. It is like cutting butter. Already posted pictures of what I made and I think it cost me about Β£10/20 pounds max. It really wasn’t expensive. You could actually make one for whatever size spare you choose to buy. If anyone is interested then I will post the pics of mine again. Really is not a problem. Terry
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