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  1. I have a 2.0ltr Excel Pan Roof in Obsidian Blue, great car and love driving on the motorway everyday as it’s comfortable and economical. The bigger engine helps with the overtaking definitely, love having the power there when needed, im used to a 1.33 Yaris so a huge step up!
  2. I can only see things in the store relating to the Toyota Touch 2 with go that my Yaris had which I swapped for the Corolla. There isn't a clear way to change this and there is nothing to register my car's infotainment.....
  3. Many factors, the war won't be helping the supply chain. Depends on the number of orders they have for the TS spec chosen
  4. The dealer don't get the information either, all they can see are estimates much like when you ordered originally and so it's likely to change. Some would prefer not to tell you anything and wait it out to minimise false expectations. Mine did not mention anything until it arrived and I just looked on the info behind the scenes and watch that change. Ordering a new car at the moment patience is key, expectations to be kept to a minimum in terms of delivery times being met to the original order estimates. The benefit of low APR + new car will be worth the wait
  5. It does happen fairly quickly tbh, will change in the next week.
  6. You should also think though if cancelled, an order for another car would also be another 6 months + stick it out, it might come forward depending on their production
  7. Oh that’s so archaic if they start that again…..
  8. Having an issue updating maps, I click on ‘Map Update’ and it keeps returning ‘Map update unavailable, contact your dealer’
  9. Collected my 2.0 Excel HB with Pan Roof today, absolutely lovely car to drive and it’s beautiful in obsidian blue. There is a slight blemish on the paintwork that I will have resolved, but other than that it’s fantastic
  10. Yeah it basically means that the order is confirmed and is in the waiting list for production. Parts are ordered in the system to enable the build to occur at a later date.
  11. As Forking said, its very reliable and I collect my car tomorrow and the app was perfect each time. My dealer said that its more reliable than the info they get in the garage. To do the PC dive, press F12 (or right click and press 'Inspect' / 'Inspect Element', then click on the tab named 'Network' then refresh the page. You will see it scrolling fairly quickly through various random names and numbers. Once it's done, scroll down the Network list till you see the long number of your order number/ID. You will find two of these in the list, the second one is populated with various info such as your order details, estimated dates etc. You may find these dates fluctuate a tiny bit, mine moved one day forward then back to it's original day. The only time mine didn't follow the date was the delivery to dealer which was 5 days early. 🎊
  12. Hey, Just to answer a few points - Generally if you are not looking for a faster response to throttle input and look more towards fuel economy, go for the 1.8 which is very frugal and a good performer, if you are looking for a generally quicker and not bothered about fuel economy the 2.0 is the one to choose, it is around 10mpg less on average compared Tony the 1.8. - 1.8 engines have the option of a spare tyre, whereas all 2.0 engines come with a TRK. This is because the 12v battery is in the boot. You also have larger boot space with the 1.8 engine compared to the 2.0 (Might change with spare tyre) - Android Auto is plug-in only on all trims, so you will need to plug the USB cable in for Android Auto to work. How well this works though I couldn't answer, but someone else will be able to. I have not heard of any major problems as of yet. - You can place your phone in the pocket in front of the gear lever, there is no wireless charging in the UK Corolla but USB ports available on the centre console and in the armrest cubby. - ICON Spec main difference at the moment is that it currently has the older Toyota Touch 2 Sat Nav system which is slow and fairly dated now. You also have to update maps via USB with no over the air updates. ICON Tech and above have the new Toyota Connect which has over the air updates, new hardware meaning is is faster and easier to use. ICON Tech also has front and rear parking sensors included so this will add to your parking aids. - Accessories wise, it is simply up to your preference whether you wish for cosmetics like the pan roof/JBL speakers (Speakers of which have not had great reviews) or practical accessories like bumper protection on the boot. Personally I am getting a Pan Roof but that's the only extra chosen. - I collect my Corolla next week, so couldn't provide personal experience with the Corolla and the new infotainment yet, but there are plenty here who can.
  13. I just got ‘mid April’ and that’s what he could see on the screen at the time of ordering too. Mine gets delivered a week today so it’s not been too bad of a delay from the original date.
  14. Just had mine move to ‘In Transit’ bang on the day specified on the background info. Nice to see the VIN for the first time! Says delivery 10th May, see how this goes!
  15. Exactly I was swaying between the Mazda 3 and the Corolla both were 3/4 months at the time I went in. Overall the cost and spec comparison alongside efficiency swayed me to the Corolla and already having bought two cars from them, I had a good relationship with the dealer. Most of the German cars are having huge delays at the moment and their APR is through the roof (much like Mazda’s) Speed limiters won’t be as bad as the horrendous 50mph average speed limit roads In Wales. 😰 Joy of driving demolished
  16. Are they to be retrofitted on existing vehicles? Or just new factory built cars that will have them installed?
  17. I ordered my car early January, it's a 2.0 HB Excel with Pan Roof. About two weeks ago my tracker changed to add 'Derbyshire' etc and last night it moved to Build in Progress. I was originally estimated delivery mid April, however it will now be first week in May. Not too bad of a delay to be honest.
  18. That’s the norm, your order details are in the system so it is just a waiting game now. You will know when your car is scheduled to be built as you will see ‘Derbyshire’ in the following steps. Until you see Derbyshire you are just waiting for a build slot.
  19. Do you have a screenshot? If it is what I think it is, then it will be that the build of the car is scheduled. Mine changed last night to 'Build in Progress' after about 2 weeks of details showing up.
  20. Speak to the dealer as that’s a price worked out with MOTs included
  21. Weee two MOTs in that time too? If so then that 25 is correct. Service plan includes MOTs too in that period
  22. Likely that only the team or developed the system know and everyone else doesn’t have a clue. Will take a long time for info to filter through docs and media teams
  23. I travel 29 miles each day to work and the same return, and will be doing so in my new Corolla in a few weeks. I did a full blast down the motorway for my test drive in an 2.0 Excel and very happy with the ride overall and the mpg returns as displayed was in the mid 50's without CC. To be honest it will be a massive improvement from my 15 plate Yaris and from my 12 plate Aygo before that. The excel has acoustic glass which will help with the comfort too. Everyone has their own uses for their car, the Corolla can very happily be used for long distant, high mileage driving, especially with the comfy seats.
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