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  1. Yes, the site was throwing me as the springs were listed as standard which I was supplied with but I just could not understand why the spec stated that the suspension was lowered.
  2. Thanks all, got to the bottomof it eventually thanks to Devon Aygo and all of your input. So it looks like I have been supplied the wrong ones by the supplier with them possibly not knowing. I woner what my chances are of getting my money back now as I fitted them on their sayso. No chance I would say.
  3. No, only the rear 2 as I was told by the supplier that these were definately the correct ones
  4. Thanks Devon Aygo you have found the answer. That is the ones I have fitted which is pictured above (Kilen- equivalent to 48231-0D170). Not too bothered about the extra height as it is my wifes car and only does about 1500 - 2000 miles a year but was more concerned about the legality
  5. Do you know if that is the rear,front or both and where I can get these from?
  6. Aso I am changing the springs as it failed the mot on a broken o/s spring
  7. As far as I know they are the original springs. The car as only done 43,000 miles and has been in the family for the last 6 years. Looking back on the Mot history 7 years ago when the car had only done 19000 miles there was an advisory for rusted rear coil springs but if they had them replaced there was no paperwork for it which would be strange as there was a good paperwork trail passed on at the point of sale. Of course this may not be the case but without seeing another 1.3 SR,which appear to be quite rare I will never know. Another question I would then have if these are indeed correct is what exactly does the lowered suspension consist of in this model as it is described in the specs?
  8. I`m not after my money back, just the re-assurance that they are correct for the vehicle with the dimentions being different. I was of the opinion that the 1.3SR had lowered suspension so I was expecting the same but these appear to be fitted on most Yaris`s. Which is the other brand that they offer?
  9. I bought them off Online Automotive on Ebay and they are Kilen springs, part no KN64073SET or 78235
  10. I have explained this to the seller and they are saying that they are the correct ones. It is not just the length and the number of coils but also the diameter as well. They do physically fit though with a width of the hand between the wheel and the arch.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know any measurents for the coil springs on a 2008 1.3 SR Yaris. I have got a replacement pair and the measurements are different as seen in the attachments