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  1. The other day my wife had the key in her bag just outside the passenger door, I was in the drivers seat and it wouldn't allow me to start the car.
  2. I have had a small Disklok for a while now and its fit all the cars I have ever had, I cant say it will fit the Rav as I haven't tried it as I don't really see the Rav as desirable but I haven't found a car it didn't fit yet.
  3. I have a top of the range Ctek trickle charger that works on stop start cars etc, I forget the model number but I purchased it all year for my old car due to covid.
  4. Sorry my phone preferred voucher to Charger !
  5. Out of interest can you safely put a Ctek charger on the 2019 + Rav4 Hybrid? (12v accessory voucher).
  6. It's all in the manual ,page 604 on the downloaded version.
  7. Perhaps "Check out “The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989” before posting 😂😂🤣
  8. I don't Think! I will have an issue at all, you do realise that they are only silver when off and go orange when illuminated don't you?, they are also marked as fully road legal and MOT friendly, if a MOT tester did have an issue (I have no idea why he would) then I would simply put the old ones back in as its a simple 1 minute job for both.
  9. Yes no problems at all, very easy to do also, the reverse bulbs are very bright too, for the indicators I just used normal bulbs with a silver coating though to loose that orange look.
  10. 182_blue


    Posted October 17, 2012 I suspect the posters might not be around now or have forgotten
  11. Not as standard in any model, it could be an option, maybe just try and build one and see if you can add it?
  12. What do you mean by leave the car on Ready for an hour ?
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