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  1. Steve

    Toyota Alphard LPG Conversion

    I can assure you that profess have not paid me to give praises. The workmanship was impeccable compared to a lot of other installations i have recently seen. But hey what do I know?? In regards to tweeks, I have no idea what tweeks if any. The installation is looked over but I have no idea what is done. I make the connection with them, they look over stuff for a minute. Connection ends, see you next year. Yes I am the same Steve, and if I am right you have a grudge against Profess or AC or both or any other LPG installer? Not sure why you are so negative against someone elses work? Doesn't bode well. You are much better being positive with your advice instead of slating others. Guess what, it doesn't work here. Yes you were right to be paranoid.
  2. Steve


    welcome to the club mate
  3. Steve

    Toyota Alphard LPG Conversion

    This was before the first service, was waiting for the connection in. Since then it has been tweeked again and due for another tweek if needed. I have been to the installer on another matter, and had a service done in the workshop. May i ask what is AC?
  4. Steve


    Parts are widely available... I own one and they share a lot of parts with Lexus and Toyota. Custom parts are also available, but you may only be able to get most from Japan. I do have a contact that can get loads of parts. Message me and I will put you in touch
  5. Steve

    Hi from Alphard owner

    Hi Sam I have an Alphard myself and the insurance is not the cheapest, because import and 8 seats. try the Alphard forum, there is a list on there:
  6. Sweet graphics
  7. Steve

    Dodgy banner ad

    Cheers, I have had this blocked. and reported it.
  8. Toyota Crown Athlete V Turbo Manual 1JZ GTE For Sale Helping a friend sell his Toyota Crown. A real beauty and a real sleeper too as powered by the 1JZ, same used in the Soarer. Looks so Yakuza too! He is also open to offers and is based in Birmingham More info and pics can be seen here:
  9. Everything you need to know about the Toyota Supra. From the early days of the Celica Supra to the 7mgte of the Mk2 supra and the iconic Mk3 Supra with the 2JZ-GTE and the new Supra concept currently being developed with BMW.
  10. Steve

    Website issues

    i have made some tweeks.. may need to make more. buts its getting better
  11. Steve

    Website issues

    We have had this issues for days. I have a tech looking at it as we speak. If all else fails then a new server will likely be on the cards. Best come back during less busy period.
  12. Steve

    Rally Kazakhstan 2017

    ok, many blokes will wince when they see nude blokes, however, the car shots are amazing!!! Done the Kazakh deserts myself, great fun.
  13. Toyota Gazoo Racing have confirmed their drivers for the 2018-19 FIA World Endurance Championship, with double Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso joining the team. Alonso will compete in all races that do not conflict with his Formula 1 duties, joining the crew of the No8 Toyota TS050 Hybrid alongside Sébastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima. His schedule will include his debut in the Le Mans 24 Hours. He said: “I am very excited to participate in the Le Mans 24 Hours for the first time. It is a race which I have followed closely for a long time and it has always been an ambition of mine to drive in it. “Endurance racing is a different discipline and it will be an interesting challenge. I am looking forward to working with and learning from Sébastien and Kazuki, who are both very experienced endurance drivers. It will be a learning curve for me, but I am ready for this challenge and can’t wait to get started.” Akio Toyoda, Toyota Motor Corporation President, said: “I am looking forward to seeing how much Toyota Gazoo Racing will grow when our drivers and all team members take what they have learned thus far in endurance racing and add to it what they will gain from Fernando’s experience. The entire team is excited about this opportunity for growth. “Through the challenge of WEC endurance races and, among those, on the gruelling roads of the Le Mans 24 Hours, Toyota Gazoo Racing will do their best, together with Fernando, to outdrive the competition.” British driver Anthony Davidson, former WEC World Champion for Toyota, will remain with the team as their reserve and development driver. The No7 car will have an unchanged crew of Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and José María López. The team have submitted their entry for the Le Mans 24 Hours race and will field two cars in all eight rounds of the up-coming season, which spans 2018 and 2019. They will again use the 1,000hp TS050 Hybrid car with which they claimed victory in five of the nine WEC races last year. Driver Profiles Mike Conway Born 19 August 1983, Sevenoaks, Great Britain Le Mans debut 2013 Le Mans starts 4 Le Mans best result 2nd (2016) WEC starts 37 WEC wins 2 WEC best season 3rd (2016) Kamui Kobayashi Born 13 September 1986, Hyogo, Japan Le Mans debut 2013 Le Mans starts 3 Le Mans best result 2nd (2016) WEC starts 26 WEC wins 1 WEC best season 3rd (2016) José María López Born 26 April 1983, Río Tercero, Argentina Le Mans debut 2017 Le Mans starts 1 Le Mans best result n/a WEC starts 8 WEC wins 0 WEC best season 6th (2017) Sébastien Buemi Born 31 October 1988, Aigle, Switzerland Le Mans debut 2012 Le Mans starts 6 Le Mans best result 2nd (2013) WEC starts 43 WEC wins 10 WEC best season 1st (2014) Kazuki Nakajima Born 11 January 1985, Okazaki, Japan Le Mans debut 2012 Le Mans starts 6 Le Mans best result 4th (2013) WEC starts 37 WEC wins 7 WEC best season 2nd (2017) Fernando Alonso Born 29 July 1981, Oviedo, Spain Le Mans debut 2018 Le Mans starts 0 Le Mans best result n/a WEC starts 0 WEC wins 0 WEC best season n/a