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  1. Steve

    Servicing Poll

    Bumping for more votes
  2. Steve

    Halfords discount

    How can it be sloppy when the barcode ceases to work at the end of a period? It will expire at some point. May not be on the exact date but will one day. Yes you brother, sister or friend can use it, why restrict it??? It was designed to be like that. BUT cannot be shared online as a physical card needs to be presented. If it gets abused then the offer will be revoked.
  3. Steve

    Halfords discount

    Not true with Premium membership. No data goes outside these walls. Halfords have no idea who owns the cards unless you give them your email at the till. when they ask. So they are not in the loop unless you tell them personally.
  4. Steve

    Estima generations

    try beat sonic. Not 100% sure but they do kits for the Alphard so maybe estima too?
  5. Steve

    Hi I’m a new member here

    Welcome to the club mate!
  6. Steve

    Regarding the servicing poll

    They took mine is for the airbag recall. but that was instructed by Japan to Toyota europe who then passed it to ToyotaGB, then on to the dealer. They had to get all the technical information on the airpag posted to them. it was like a book there were so many pages. I have taken imports to dealers before, they have a little winge but will do the work if instructed. Depends on what it is. Basic servicing is fine if you give all the part numbers.
  7. Steve

    Servicing Poll

    We understand that a lot of members would love to save money wherever they go, and this also includes servicing their car. Of course when it comes to servicing the cost of the service is usually the main factor on where it gets serviced. We would love to know that if we negotiated discounts at Toyota dealerships for members, would members use this offer? So, we are asking if all club members can help us and answer 3 simply questions in our poll please? All answers are anonymous. 😃 We are using these to gain insights in our research and guide us to getting savings for club members at their local dealership. Thanks 😃😃😃
  8. Steve

    2007 Toyota Amazon 4.2 TD Auto

    Sweet vehicle. I drove one of these about 10 years ago and loved the power these have. Can drive it all day and still feel fresh after a days drive.
  9. Steve

    Wax oil.

    i find myself jet washing the underside of my Alphard to get the salt and dirt off. its ok during summer, but need to get it undercoated before the winter really.
  10. Steve

    Remote Key Fob

    Should be able to use the guy from ebay. Other than that timpsons on the highstreet can clone Just be careful not to lose that original one !!!
  11. Steve


    WeatherTech offers the most advanced vehicle protection available: laser measured for a perfect fit and easy to install. No matter the weather, stay protected all season long! Order today at and get FREE SHIPPING.
  12. Steve

    Toyota Alphard LPG Conversion

    I can assure you that profess have not paid me to give praises. The workmanship was impeccable compared to a lot of other installations i have recently seen. But hey what do I know?? In regards to tweeks, I have no idea what tweeks if any. The installation is looked over but I have no idea what is done. I make the connection with them, they look over stuff for a minute. Connection ends, see you next year. Yes I am the same Steve, and if I am right you have a grudge against Profess or AC or both or any other LPG installer? Not sure why you are so negative against someone elses work? Doesn't bode well. You are much better being positive with your advice instead of slating others. Guess what, it doesn't work here. Yes you were right to be paranoid.
  13. Steve


    welcome to the club mate
  14. Steve

    Toyota Alphard LPG Conversion

    This was before the first service, was waiting for the connection in. Since then it has been tweeked again and due for another tweek if needed. I have been to the installer on another matter, and had a service done in the workshop. May i ask what is AC?