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  1. I have had the plastic ones before I wanted the quality mats for the summer. will get a tray mat in the autmn mate just did not like the flimsy back floor of the boot
  2. never really thought about that, i have a cargo net but not sure if things slide.
  3. When i do the fronts it should look good. These are easy to clean as its 100% polypropylene. i may get a rubber mat in the winter for muddy pram wheels. Mainly i wanted the carpet for the passengers but added boot in the mix. wanted it to look nice quality. would be better if i had leather @the fox will i have to hand my chequered shirts over? 😄
  4. LOl.. carpet costs more than the rubber one LOL. but how boring is having just rubber I'll take it out if they build the wall lol
  5. I got fed up with the thin floor on my 2016 Rav4, every time i put the pushchair in the floor in the boot felt a little cheap and also not something i wanted to get dirty. So I made a boot mat from Axminster Carpet, edged it in black and now looks smart (if you like tartan) I am gonna do the rest of the mats, throw those cheap ass mats out and have some quality in there. Will update when done.
  6. looked through the phone so many times. I am sure its a setting, but funny how its just the Rav4 bluetooth that this does it on.
  7. I have a 2016 Rav4 and it seems every time i start the car, the music i play on spotify via my Samsung Galaxy S10 is all the way down and I have to turn up the volume every time. Is there a way I can set the volume on the phone? It's only on the car bluetooth, any other time when i connect it up its fine, the the Rav4 system. cheers
  8. welcome along mate.. great motor!
  9. welcome sam.. good cars are the Alphard. had one for a couple of years, a great car to own. I cherished mine when i had it. They hold their value too!
  10. Sorry guys. advert should not appear now for those logged in.
  11. always find it surprising how many people do not say thanks after helping them out.
  12. Carclubmail is not a website thats the reason it has an insecure warning. It's not designed for people to visit directly. The link is for tracking purposes and the end result ends on on the club subscription page. We run more than one owners club (lexus we also do plus a few others) so we use a generic domain for sending out emails plus it also protects the club domains. Not sure what you mean by banking practice. The subscription page accepts Paypal and Stripe or even good ole' cheque. No other better procedure as far as I can see. The subscription page is secure plus we have been doing this for donkeys years.
  13. Speak to Andy at Profess Autogas. He is top of his game and he will advise you. Also 3k is very excessive, sounds like its a job he doesnt want to do. 1200 sound around the right figure for a Stag system. I used a flashlube on mine and always made sure it was topped up and had mine dripping once every 10 seconds.