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  1. whenever i try to change my profile photo,why does message comes that ''member profile disabeled

    1. Steve


      make 1 post to the forums and then you should be able to edit it.

  2. hi can someone help me how do i put a photo on my profile

    1. Steve


      first you need to post at least once for your profile to open. If you introduce yourself to the new members section you will then be able to edit your profile by clicking your username top right.

  3. Welcome to the Toyota forums Azukii_rain :)

  4. Would like to respray my Aygo to some funky colour, any suggest:)?

  5. Finally in bed after cruising in my baby xD went to first VW meet and didn't know anyone but oh well .. was nice to see such great cars .... VW FTW :) x

  6. just joined - Need to know how much we can expect to pay for a replacement catalytic convertor on our HiLux 3 ltr diesel as ours was stolen from the car last night

    1. Steve


      contact lindop toyota, they are advertised on the front of the club forums or look for user Parts King. They deliver too.

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