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  1. last year i found myself playing with the fto's on the motorway! They should have had a camera there last year! are you pitching with us nicola?
  2. Should kick in every time... Does your AC system need regassing? Perhaps it is running low because when the gas is gone the compressor stops working.
  3. The clunk is nothing to worry about... this should be in the manual... I cannot remember what this is called so you can look in the owners manual.... but it has been mentioned before but i cannot find it on the forums.
  4. At the JAE meet this summer (03) we are going to attempt to film the meet through the whole weekend. But on the saturday at about 9am I was thinking of getting as many people as possible to to meet up and form a convoy. With this I am attemting to purchase a special car attachment that allows us to attach the camera to the boot, window or anywhere in the car. I think this would make a great start if all the cars were to approach the camera and overtake! Then at the meet let the camera car in at the meet to take shots of everyone arriving into the pitch. Various filming throughout the whole event. if anyone else has a DV cam corder and would like to bring it along and donate the whole meet on your camera we will then add it to the final edited film. Hopefully, next year when we have another 2000 new members we can show them what JAE is all about. Also I hope to get all the cars in groups!... All the Lexi's go by and then all the Toyotas as we will do a video shoot for each club. Anyone wish to help?
  5. For those who missed Gaydon meet then take a butchers at this The shared meet with Hoda R, Toyota owners club and LOC we are on the right! http://www.hondarevolutions.com/html/gaydon03.htm there are a few hondas mixed in their.. but when we say the meet is big.. we mean BIG
  6. somwwhere in the uk... hehe I have never been before and I know ryan and zee are sorta organising it and claire from LOC is booking the pitch for us.
  7. I am ending the free sticker offer now. this is because a sticker will be free with the new subscription service that is about to happen! thanks for those who put them in their car windows! I even twisted my brother to put one is his MR2 (pain was caused :P ) cheers
  8. those were my fav cars when i was about 16.. my mate had one and I was well jelous! errr.. no i will not swap my car for it now! :P
  9. ok The word nick is used many times Nick= Prison Nicked= arrestd by police Nicked= Something was stolen Nick= Handle... second name ie charles = chuck Nick= To steal something.. ie lets go and nick that car Nick= Guys name short for Nicolas Nick= Gashed somthing meterial ie. "has a small nick on it" Good Nick= Good condition Quite amazing!
  10. Before the organisers of Japfest will fully confirm our pitch, we have to pay up front as a club. For everyone who has committed to going, or for those of you that wish to go, we need your money by 23rd April - at the very latest. Please send your cheque for £5 Per Person, payable to the Lexus Owners Club to: Lexus Owners Club PO BOX 5258 POOLE BH149XJ Please PM me to confirm you have sent a cheque, and include your postal address so that passes can be sent to you. Admin (steve) will then send 1 cheque to the organisers to fit in with their deadlines. If your cheque is not received by the 23rd, you will still be welcome at Japfest, you just will not be able to park on the LOC/TOC pitch. C'mon guys.. get thse cheques sent immediatly! Our Own Jap Fest Pitch B)
  11. Surely the engine needs to losen up... at 1300 you would still be running it in! give it 5000 miles and you will feel a difference
  12. it seems that these people had a shopping list.. and it always seems to be on fords. Having a rare car is cool.. because no one will steal it because no one has use for the parts! Anyhow.. apparently my friends father heard a noise outside and thought it was the neighbours! talk about rope-a-dope
  13. hmm i think i might be able to help.. though i dont own a camry mr car shares the same chassis as the camry. and I take it you are removing the factory unit? Try this first see if you can find it http://www.lexusownersclub.com/us/forums/i...t=ST&f=14&t=21& It mmight look similar Also i take it you have a new faceplate? or are you replacing it with the same style stereo?
  14. what car do you have mate
  15. What are you stuck on? Nicked or nick means stolen or to steal Mate means friend geezer is some guy... a guy you dont know but are aquainted You put the words here and we will translate from UK to proper english! ;) :)
  16. poor guy does not derserve that.. and it was done probably by the same people as before. But.. there is big call for Escort Van parts here.. told him to go jap!
  17. My Mate contacts me today He owns an escort van which he needs for his work.. The van is in very good nick Anyway... A few months back he had his back doors nicked.. so he came out to find the back doors were completly gone. He replaced the doors with brand new set and even had to buy all the internals and windows of the back doors.. was not cheap. (could not claim on insurance as he needs his NCB) This morning he came outside his front door and found out that someone had pinched * Both rear doors * Front Doors * Bonnet * Engine parts He lives in a posh area and is quiet... can you beleive his luck! Told him to buy a jap van next time!
  18. First off you need to check if you have a rubber driven belt or a chain belt. I would imagine you have a rubber belt. You need to check your manual but I think it is every 60k I may be wrong there so please wait for a few more answers first
  19. Best thing to do is contact Jap car importers (if your in the UK) they know where to have conversions done when the cars go in for SVA tests Mine is still restricted and is a pain.. but in a way it is a licence saver.. so I have not had mine converted and doubt if i will try.
  20. The high pitch sound is normal... that is the fluid in the power steering. I would just put it in for a full service... usually the garage will check everything that is important.
  21. I am looking for someone to respray my bonnet and boot as the last person who sprayed it before i bought it must like oranges or something! Not bothered even having the wings flicked as I am looking for a nice finish but matching the wings is not so important as such.
  22. Hi Kaz Does your husband have his own business? I need my bonnet and boot doing :(
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