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  1. i dont remember the hearing the access from the boyo! (in welsh accent) Remember Kevin Turvey? Thats our ryan alright LOL
  2. goes to show the reliabilty of Toyota if you see an old beaten Toyota pick up in the desert which has probably never seen a service in its life!
  3. probably the Toyota Enhusiasts club... they have been going for a few years!
  4. prolly coz you added quotes... the software is very bare bones
  5. just to remind people where the link is http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/reviews/
  6. http://www.khitaicars.com/khi_files/parts%...ota%20model.htm check it out.. shame my car is too bloody rare
  7. thats why ryan downloaded it
  8. he said fat pipe.. not connection ;) BTW FreeBSD is UNIX. Linux is GNU
  9. hmmm getting spots of it here too.... :o
  10. it's true we are the worst mate. But once your off them its like a breath of fresh air (hehe) It made me think what a foo i was when i started!
  11. hmmm i will have to see who has the better system for the same money at our next meet!
  12. I would go mad if someone lit up in my car. I am an ex smoker and I now enjoy not smelling like a bottom of an ashtray. I removed all the ashtrays in my car and is now used as a phone holder! I spent a whole say shampooing the fabric on my car.. was disgusting! Also hate it when friends say "oh.. if your passing the garage can you get me 20 B&H" "No i bloody well cant!"
  13. this gold card stops you from spending too much! LOL
  14. tell them you will only take it if you get a toyota!
  15. well.. I hav just received the proof on the gold cards Just need to do a couple more things and we should be ready to roll.
  16. Perhaps i could have a message as members are leaving the meet "Go fast and lose your membership"
  17. I use mozilla now wich gives you the option for pop ups (such as PM's) The rest i do not bother with. We do not have pop ups on TOC (apart from PM's) on our website and I would never introduce this either. Sounds like you have been to a few sites and picked one of these up that sit behind the browser window.
  18. MB quart (which i voted) are brilliant.. no disortion at all and the clarity is amazing!
  19. should try and resell them on here! I am sure some people love reading back issues... i have loads of different types because now and again our Lexus club is in them and me!
  20. not the op system tht is causing the probs.. it is stupid CPanel CPanel screwed the whole system at the weekend.. and now it is screwing with Mysql as it keeps trying to start Mysql when Mysql is already working... thus the reason why Mysql pops up and down... never buy a server that has CPanel for clients to use... it is crap! Buggy and very expensive software Worse than Wind*ws!
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