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  1. I would not worry about engine to be honest. It shares the engine with a Toyota Aygo, Citreon C1 and Peugeot 107, and so there is wide-ranging proof of the engine's durability. Over 100,000 miles, I would be more worried about the clutch. Whenever that goes, expect to pay a higher price to fix than in an Aygo as it is a lengthier job in the IQ so higher labour costs. Still though, I don't think you can go too wrong
  2. I recently learned two things about the IQ which fix gripes I had with the car. Firstly, when the rear seats are down, the two loose seat belt clips can be slotted into the rear of the car to stop them rattling. Secondly, the rear seats can be lifted up to reveal further storage, perfect for the seats' headrests. Perhaps these things were obvious to most people, but I had no idea, so I hope they help some of you!
  3. Based off lots of reading in this forum and my own experience: Look for noisy but brief vibrations when the car is at 2000rpm, a very common issue with the manuals and more prevalent in the lower gears. This is only fixed with a new clutch Look for signs of dampness or water damage in the footwells, a sign that the AC unit has been leaking into the cabin (many people mention this in the forums) There are some EGR related issues on the very early models, normally denoted by a lack of power and fuel economy. If you test drive the car and it gets lower than 40mpg, I'd avoid Other than that, I don't know of any other potential issues! EDIT: Oh and the white paint has been known to peel, other colours seem fine
  4. I think the price got what is essentially a laptop case is outrageous! If there were more IQ owners, I'm sure the price would be a fraction of what it is now
  5. Has anybody managed to source the so-called IQ 'Glove Box' at a reasonable price? When I say reasonable, I mean less than £50 (which is still ridiculous!)
  6. No, the seat folds forward to about 45 degrees and no further
  7. I've actually taken it to a couple of garages who have told me what they think it is differential / gearbox related. I was more hoping to find out whether these faults are specific to my car or known amongst IQ owners
  8. Hi all, I bought a used Toyota IQ2 with 83,000 miles from a used car dealer. Within a week I noticed a strange scraping/rattling sound from the front left of the car when at full right lock and intense (but brief) vibrations around 2000rpm in first and second gear. Has anyone else had these issues before? I haven't heard of this scraping sound reported on this forum before, and I am unsure whether the issues are related. Any hypotheses about what the cause could be would be appreciated.
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