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  1. I’ve noticed on the Toyota UK configurator that the Dynamic Premium RAV4 PHEV no longer includes the 360 camera, heated steering wheel and front wiper de-icer. The heated steering wheel and front wiper de-icer are standard on the HEV RAV4 in Excel trim.
  2. I test drove the RAV4 yesterday and was pleasantly surprised how refined and comfortable it was at low speeds and on the motorway. I’m looking to replace my current car but the only issue I found with the RAV4 is the drivers seat does not slide back enough and cannot be adjusted really low. I’m 6’7 for reference and found my knees to be a bit high and the odd left turn I did found the steering wheel brush against my leg. Is there any 3rd party adjustments available that will allow the electric seat to slide more back?
  3. I have sent several destinations to the car but I’m not sure how I then download the navigation directions once in the car
  4. Has anyone had the front and rear Dash Cam installed from their Toyota dealer? If so how’s the interface on the dash cam compared to others on the market?
  5. Does the Corolla give you a mileage/days remaining countdown on the infotainment screen or drivers display for an upcoming service like VAG Group cars?
  6. The dealership have had a look at the pan roof and advised there is an issue and have asked Toyota for guidance on the best way to resolve it
  7. Is the USB port near the glovebox then only one that support Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. I have not found a solution where you can have a USB stick installed for music whilst having Apple CarPlay running as well
  8. I have noticed that when you have the pan roof in pushed up in tilt mode, when driving over speed humps or slightly rough surface, the pan roof moves and makes a shaking sound. Anyone experiencing anything similar?
  9. I am having issues trying to activate the auto door locking feature for the 2020 Excel hatchback. I would have thought the feature would be on as default from factory when you drive the vehicle above 5-10 mph the doors should automatically lock.
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