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  1. Have started using Shell V power in my 1.8 HB (two tank fulls now), definitely noticing better mpg, averaged 66mpg first 11 mths from new using supermarket regular and now averaging 76mpg after two tanks on the v power (town driving & regular motorway runs). Definitely more calories in the V power (less bioethanol) but I guess I need to average over another 10 mths or so to compare more accurately (winter driving etc). 10mpg extra seems quite high (have read you might expect 2/3 mpg improvement). If true though that more than cancels out the extra cost and you also get the benefit of the extra additives. Another consideration re mpg is the size of the wheels, I have the 16in; be interesting to know what that saves you in fuel compared against the bigger wheels.
  2. I just found out you can centre the car tracking on the map by pushing the Map button again. Had the car a year. Live and learn.
  3. Yup the £1500 saved will buy you about 18k miles of fuel so no contest.
  4. About 2000rpm at 70mph on the flat. Other 1.8 owners may be able to confirm.
  5. Thanks. Can someone with an HB try pls as might be different UK v Turkey build?
  6. Thanks I’ll bring it up at next month’s 12 mth service as something isn’t right.
  7. It’s a HB. I usually get a hybrid driver score in the 80s if I just leave it in ACC.
  8. Yeah I think the first one. Can someone else check on their Corolla Hybrid? the key blade unlocks normally locked door fine just not when it has been double locked. bizarre
  9. No my point is that the physical key blade doesnt unlock the door if the car has been double locked.
  10. Question on double locking. Press lock on fob twice and it double locks, great, people can’t open doors from inside if they smash window: however, try unlocking the door manually with the actual key and it won’t unlock - you have to unlock with the fob again. Anyone else noticed that? What if your fob battery runs out?
  11. Yup, I just did 600 mile road trip in normal mode and returned 67mpg (combined) in my 1.8 Corolla hybrid plus luggage and 2 other passengers. ACC at 70mph on motorways (reduced to 65 or 60mph for uphill stretches)
  12. I calculate my MPG by current mileage when fuelling minus mileage at last re fuel / amount of fuel put in.
  13. I have the MY20 Icon Tech, I'd happly tarde in the park assist or lane tracing for some front fog lights...:(
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