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  1. HB looks good to me...:)
  2. You should certainly be slowing down for hill climbs not accelerating up them... Getting up hills isnt a problem in the 1.8 that I've noticed, especially with cruise control on, it just gets on with it. The steep climb east bound just before J18 of the M4 for instance. Just drop the cruise one notch (5mph) to help out MPG. I rarely go into the POWER zone at all in all driving sitations, but it's there if i need a burst of acceleration to pull out when changing lanes from a stop, instead using gentle acceleration within the ECO zone which has plenty enough to get up to motorway speeds. The sweet spot in the 1.8 is an indicated 55mph (or 52MPH actual), there you can be crusing in EV mode on cruise control with ICE coming on when necessary to go up slopes or to idle at 1000rpm and recharge the battery. Unfortuantely 55mph is a bit slow on the motorway (HGVs up your ****) and indicated 60 or 65mph doesn't seem to cruise on EV except on down hill streches. I also bought the IconTech deliberatly for the smaller wheels (pity no front fogs though). I'm getting mid 65 mpg on average (see below) and some journeys in the 80s. Only done 800 miles so this will improve. I also test drove the 2L Excell only but still bought the 1.8 (this was because the dealer only had the 2L (yeah right, huh). The factory Bridgestones (all weather) are a bit noisy but that doesn't actually bother me and they were excellent on Saturday night coming back on the M4 when we had the terrential rain downpour. Engine is a bit loud when it comes on (and off) by it's self when Hybrid system switched on. Over all though a joy to drive (easy, comfortable, "boring" in a good way) when driving conservatively, there is no reward for flooring it but you get rewarded witht the comfort and MPG figures. The steering is a touch light for my tastes and almost imperceptable feedback of what's going on between road and tyres. I can reserve a manual transmission zipcar focus or golf anytime I want to have a bit of fun (in the traditional motoring sense). Typical journeys telematics:
  3. How does one start the Corolla hybrid system if your key fobs have run out of battery? You can open the door but is there a way to start the car? On that note I can't see how one ca change the batteries in the Corolla Hybrid key fobs, have anyone or do you just get new ones?
  4. Where exactly are the hybrid (traction) batteries located in the 1.8 and 2L? The manual doesn't tell you. I know you can read in reviews the 1.8 is under the bonnet and in the 2L it's in the boot but I can't find diagrams anywhere!?
  5. Thanks yep it’s the motion sensor switch, cheers
  6. Just had the spare tyre installed- gos that drastically reduces boot space!!? Just noticed it, but what is the botton for in the roof just before the front cabin lights switches - it's a car with wifi type curved lines above? Presumably to switch of gps tracking?
  7. Yeah, wait til it loads up fully and you get the fuel level and odo mileage etc.
  8. Snap. It's in 'Meter' settings on LCD display. First thing I did as well as well as switching off lane tracing..
  9. I hope I haven't got a faulty CC then, it was only that once behind a lorry and all the rest of time on CC it was fine. Will have to monitor it as I've only done 90 miles on the motorway so far.
  10. Has anyone installed car door edge protectors? The products out there look awful.
  11. Another (non) feature of the Toyota cruise control is that it allows you to undertake, whereas when I've used similar in VWs etc cars on right lane are detected and doesn't allow for undertaking 🙂 From HB manual re radar sensor page 319: When the sensor may not be correctly detecting the vehicle ahead In the case of the following and depending on the conditions, operate the brake pedal when deceleration of the system is insufficient or operate the accelerator pedal when acceleration is required. As the sensor may not be able to correctly detect these types of vehicles, the approach warning (P.315) may not be activated. ●Vehicles that cut in suddenly ●Vehicles traveling at low speeds ●Vehicles that are not moving in the same lane ●Vehicles with small rear ends (trailers with no load on board, etc.) ●Motorcycles traveling in the same lane ●When water or snow thrown up by the surrounding vehicles hinders the detecting of the sensor ●When your vehicle is pointing upwards (caused by a heavy load in the luggage compartment, etc.) ●Preceding vehicle has an extremely high ground clearance
  12. Thanks Roy, I am having the space saver fitted on Wednesday, Toyota got the order wrong and mine came with the standard TRK!!! Is the raised boot up to the same level as the back of the rear seats folded down or slightly lower?
  13. Ah, that makes sense, so the tyres on a 17 or 18 are lower profile
  14. Haha, yeah it's me forgetting to switch it off because I am not used to it and because there is no key in the ignition switch to remind you 🙂 A BMW I drove once had a slot to put the key into and you then pressed ignition switch. RE Cruise control: The manual says that the radar might have trouble detecting vehicles in cetain circumstances, like lorries because they are higher up so it detects the gap underneath I am guessing, The issue I had behind a lorry was that the car sped up then slowed dwn a bit eratically - it's ok behind cars etc though, however the adaptive cruise I have used in Fords and VWs had no problem with lorries. The other issue with the cruise control is that it goes up and down in increments of 5 mph, although you can fine tune it by speeding up on the gas or slowing and then pressing set, but that is fiddly. Another one, the parking sensors are pretty sensitive, although you get used to the tolerances. I like the feature where if you try full lock it will "predict" if you'll side into something and beep even though you are not actually near the object.
  15. Anyone else smacked their forehead on the HB rear parcel shelf yet? Is it just me or is the power steering a bit juddery at times, particularly at around full lock when not moving. Also what is up with the radar cruise when you approach behind lorries, goes wierd!! I also keep forgetting to switch the hybrid system off before getting out the car...