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  1. no point guessing on a engine light , a scanner will be use to pin point it if its sinse the repair work then possibly releated to the work /new parts ...but anyones guess id take it back and ask them
  2. want to silence the engine a big idealy...might try doing that metal tray under the wiper area
  3. recently had my carpets out to clean and dry because of the water leaks , so decided to add some deadening to the car 0.75 x 7.5m of adhesive deadening mat £40 1x2m of 8mm closed cell foam £12 i deadened the rear wheel wells and all 4 footwells where your feet go , extending up behind the pedals as far as i could , all over the tunnel and inner sills , then foam into the footwells like giant floor mats id say if before was a 10 for noise its now a 7 , general road noise much reduced , feels a bit more solid to ride in , sadly engine noise is just as before and there
  4. my guess is its just worn out , 10/40 ought to help and is an approved grade for other brands using the identical engine could be a sticky piston ring , some folk soak some treatment in the bore for a few days , but id imagine its just wear and tear keep topping it up as long as it passes the mot ..for the price of a few bottles of miricle treatment youre half way to a good uses engine
  5. are you drying the top or bottom of the carpet? theres like 40mm of wool padding under it that soaks it up and wont dry out ...reaches under the front seats i tried to dry mine for 2 months and it was still sopping wet ...good chance to jet wash the carpets and freshen it up , i also put some sound deadening in mine while the carpet was out
  6. seats out , consoles out , pillar trims off , seat belt bolts out ...about as easy as it gets really
  7. just someone selling the universal seals at a higher price ...handy if too lazy to research what you need
  8. once its got wet the carpets will take forever to dry out ...mine was leaking from the brake light , trickling around the edge of the boot and soaked the rear foot wells , i proped the carpet up from jan to now stuffing news paper in there every couple of days to try and dry it , no it didnt had to take the carpets up and jet wash it all then hang out to dry
  9. seen several people say they had a leak at the hinge ...they leak pretty much anywhere
  10. 3 years on a water pump means nothing , some fail in no time , theres some shocking quality parts sold these days if you feel the garage is trustworthy pop back and ask them , might be very obvious to a mechanic vs internet folk guessing at stuff
  11. water pump wear and alternator siezing is also known of , if you have a diy helper maybe they can slip the aux belt and start it briefly to see if the nose goes away when those parts are eliminated
  12. lots of people say theirs has always rattled , if its recently had a service i would suggest theyve used a thinner oil than it had in it before hand , mine it much louder on 0w/20 or 5w/30....sounds almost normal on 10w/40....all those are approved grades of oil for that engine
  13. is there a side to side adjustment on the mk1 aygo headlamp? ive found the up and down one but not seeing any others
  14. same fitment...2014 onwards are a nicer seat
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