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  1. bet they shrug and fill it from the big container in the corner regardless
  2. no reason it cant do it , hundreds of others do the same just make sure the fluids are topped up /serviced up to date , dont be the fool going all the way there with the oil light on
  3. yes you can fit all the facelift parts , will need the bonnet too
  4. might look into this when i have some spare cash ...i see some even include a compass and garage door opener lol
  5. does that one have the same fitting as the aygos?
  6. what did you pay for the mirrors? this is something id be into but they seem a bit pricey
  7. agree it needs plugging in what would swapping coils do ? transfer the miss fire to a different cylinder? dont see how it would prove anything
  8. ventilate the car , dry off the screen with paper towel and remove it from the car possibly got a water leak so check under the carpets etc ...although its somewhat normal to have a misted up screen in winter next time theres a dry day have the windows down if its safe to leave the car like that
  9. yep agree , never done at all or not properly , could buy a shed full of better quality products for what they charge , its all commission for the salesman
  10. ive worked at a few dealers , they dont treat the cars well at all strong truck wash degreaser sprayed all over then scrubbed with a brush thats been on the floor is the typical job ...they only pay the guy a couple of quid per car
  11. looks like a mk1 to me , if he's into modding then maybe smoothed the side repeaters and uses the mirror ones
  12. packet of sound deadening will make it more like a "quality" car
  13. my thoughts are they are forced into using water thin oils to comply with modern emissions standards , while i would go along with it for a car under warranty , im happy if the engine sounds happy and isnt using 1ltr of oil per 1000 miles
  14. mine is an 11 reg i got it at 77k ...the 10/40 doesnt effect the fuel economy its always done 56mpg with 0/20 or 5/30 and the engine sounds a little better its still an approved grade so youre not doing anything silly , ive spoke to several owners over in europe and thats what they run main thing is NEVER EVER let it run low - bad things will happen £££
  15. i use 10/40 in mine and it hardly uses any now.....okay 0/20 was fine for a brand new engine , im so sure its suitable for a used engine and using oil will damage the cat too
  16. most of these cars burn oil as do many other brands you should be checking it more often and topping it up , will cause severe damage if it ever runs low
  17. yep mine sounds terrible just keep an eye on the oil level ...they keep on running
  18. i wouldnt expect exhaust putty to last long id suggest cleaning the mating surface fully , and check the new part is flat by offering it up to a steel ruler or something known to be straight it should seal okay if clean and straight
  19. does look a bit extensive , unless they go crazy and cut all the rust away then there will still be areas festering away £20 worth of cavity wax applied years ago would have saved this
  20. when its misfiring inspect the plugs ...is one plug wet with fuel or random in appearance? if you swap the coils around does the fault move with the coils? could use a mechanics stethoscope to listen if all inj are ticking , or a noid light to see if theyre getting a pulse from the ecu
  21. an aygo breakers would sell you the required parts and a couple of hrs labour to fit them
  22. adjustable intermitant wiper is cheap and easy mod...handy too
  23. new headunit offers improved sound and more features too...another easy job
  24. you can use a cheap multimeter to confirm if theres a charge when running you want close to 14v or above when running with lights on a loose fan belt would not prevent the car starting in the first instance....my bet is no/poor charge
  25. rev counter is very easy do you have the glove box ? thats another cheap and easy mod
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