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  1. Hi, I have 3 first-gen Yaris in my garage in different condition. 1, 2002 (French-made) 1.0 petrol 5 door with custom paint (neon green), custom interior (T Sport seats, black surfaces everywhere), Koni suspension, TTE spoiler, widened front fenders, custom front lights (black background). (previously owner did all the modifications, had a built 1.5 turbo engine in it, but sold it off separately sadly with the brakes and exhaust system) 2. 2001 T Sport 5 door grey color, full stock, pristine interior, but the rear is destroyed until the manifold (even that is broken to pieces, but the chassis is structurally sound), been in this condition for 2 years at my aunt, just towed in yesterday. 3. 2002 T Sport 3 door without any interior, or body parts (whatever part was removable without cutting was removed), but everything else is in excellent quality (engine, transition, brakes, gearbox, exhaust etc). My plan is to transfer all mechanical parts from the 3-door T-Sport to the 1.0 Yaris (except the suspension), maybe get T-Sport bumpers and back lights and call it a day. (maybe later install a turbo or a bigger engine in it like a 2ZZ or something) For the crashed T Sport, I'm thinking of fixing the engine, getting the necessary body parts (hood, front fenders, rocker panels, front bumper, lights, paint the new parts to the same boring color as the rest of the car) My question is, would the facelift T Sport bumpers and lights be compatible with these cars? Also, are there parts that needed for these projects that should be aftermarket ones for better quality/performance? I don't plan to go "full !Removed!" with these cars, maybe taking the green one to the local tracks sometimes with my friends, but my main goal is to make 2 pristine condition cars for long term. I know that I could just sell everything and buy a more powerful, newer model but somehow I just love these !Removed! too much to let them go.
  2. Thanks! Forgot to mention that the suspension and the breaks are already fitted for the T sport engine, the last owner had a custom-built 1.5 in it but swapped the engine+exhaust system back to the original before he sold it to me. So all in all, the only reasonable way is to sell this no matter what and buy a T sport? 😞
  3. Hello fellow Toyota owners, I have an old, but much loved Yaris from 2002 with 1.0 engine. Since I really don’t want to sell it, but want to wet my feet with engine upgrade (I have car mechanic friends who have solid experience in this area, but not familiar with this model) I thought I give it a try. First, I tried to google it, thats how I found this forum, but those topics are 10+ years old, and the upgrade kits they mentioned are kinda extinct now. So I’d like to ask, does anyone from here own a modified Yaris Mk1? What are the experiences so far? I’d be okay with a custom cylinder-head + ECU + exhaust system (something thats not loud as hell) + lightened flywheel (+truing) + air filters but not sure if it gave me enough power boost to justify the cost. Or even swap the engine to a 1.8 VVT-I corolla or an Mk2 Suzuki GTI 1.3, or something else. (Looked for an 1.5 TS but there isn’t any available in my area). What are your thoughts in the topic?
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