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  1. Hi Phil, Welcome to the club. First, go to your local dealers and drive the highest model of all the types you like. You will get a little pressure to sign for something but if they think you are genuine they will go with you. Is it the first time you have bought a car ? The main primary questions are:- what do you want to do with the car, how big or small, your budget, buy or lease, colour, your age, your car knowledge, don't rush into anything. Cheers
  2. Hi Laura, You can see underneath my jet photo what I drive, which should be very near to your model. You do not say if yours is manual or auto multi drive like mine. I think my multi drive is superb but I have driven a manual once and if anything you have more control with the manual. However you can use a multi drive on paddle control from the steering wheel or via the gearbox stick like the easy-tonic Vauxhall system. Myself I let the multi drive call the shots as Toyota engineering is the best I have ever driven ! You are in 4 wheel drive all the time even without the lock button
  3. No good news im affraid to say. If your battery is around 12 to 12.5 volts even after a full charge and especially if its a cheap small non standard Toyota one older than as little as two years old. If it will not crank fast enough it will have at least a cell down. You could take it off recharge it and then use a drop tester on it. However I would not recommend you do this unless you have electro experience. So find out exactly from the manufacturer's spec what physical size you need, what crank current, connection post type /configuration, ammpere hour capacity you need and go and buy
  4. Top stuff Frostyballs. This blog you recomend covers all eventualities. My neighbour found that his still underwarrenty 68 Auris would not start after being out of use during the first lockdown. He sent for the AA as his warrenty includes their cover. The technician instructed him on the start up and running of the engine to charge both batteries up. He had no idea of this facility and the Main Dealer never mentioned it to him, even though he is on his third new one !!! He told me he cannot find a reference to this proceedure in his Toyota manual ? Just to add that many non hybrid c
  5. Hi all, Not a rocket science subject, but I recently looked for some on line and in the local car accessory shops. Found a variety in the shops from pens to kits from a multitude of paint companies. Many claiming to be Toyota equivalents ? None of them had any official Toyota paint codes, Just colour names. As you all know "white" comes in many shades ! You can find your car colour code on your black label inside one of your front doors. Mine is right hand drive and was in the near side door. It's the number after C/TR _ _ _ it's covered on U tube. There's a multitude of choice o
  6. Hi all, I only got one key fob with the car as I bought it second hand from a big main dealer. Accidently put it through the washer last month 😲 it did survive though 😊. Went and asked for a quote for a spare fob (its the push button on the handle/hand in to open) type system. £310+£30 programming fee was the quote !!! Wow can you get them anywhere else or are we stuck with it being a dealer job. "Check your fleece before putting it in the washer is good advice" 😯
  7. Hi all, As you can see I have a Rav 2012 without a spare at all. What would be the lightest and smallest space saver wheel I could get to put in my boot space please ? How much are they ? Is it possible to retro fit a space saver wheel to carry underneath a MK 3 ? My standard wheels are 235/55 R18. Cheers
  8. I am new to Toyota ownership with a 62 plate Rav4 dcat SR diesel 2.2 mk3. I have just done my first oil change as I refuse to pay the main dealer costs for basic maintenance ! Plus if I do it myself I know its been done right. However as an amateur mechanic it is important to realise your limitations. That said anyone who is fairly handy can do this job as long as they are extremely careful when lifting and jacking up this two tonne suv. I have always been a little nervous about driving up car ramps so I lift centrality with a trolley jack and support with four axcel stands, even placing
  9. Thanks, so any 0w 30 or 5w 30 that is acea c2 compatible then ? It says c2 on oil container type spec info which I assume is short for acea c2 low ash.
  10. Hi all, Rather an elementary question I know but I have had a company vehicle for twenty years ! I have the mk3 rav4 dcat ( 2ad-ftv desiel engine with dpf cat). The car manual says the oil should be acea c2 compatible. 0w-30 or 0w-30. Toyota oil costs a bomb ! "Which Toyota oil is the best"? "And what are the alternatives". Some Toyota oil says has "pfe" in it ? I have no problems doing the oil change I am just confused as to what is the best oil to purchase. Twenty years ago I just bought Castrol gtx, but things have moved on ! Please could you guide me through the fog around o
  11. Just joined as a newbie. I got hooked on Toyota's after loaning my brotherinlaws Landcriuser Amazon. "Wow" fell in love instantly ! Unfortunately I cannot afford the 20mpg it does at best. So i bought a Rav4 Sr dcat diesel 2.2 mk3. She just purr's down the road ! 37 mpg around town and have had 49 mpg on a run to the coast. What more could any man want ? Cheers
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