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  1. Brilliant, thanks for the assistance 🙂 Andy
  2. Hi, It would be the Caliper to bracket as I just need to release the caliper so I can remove the pads to check nothing stuck between the pads and the disc. Andy
  3. Hi, it's the Verso-S. I did have a search for the torque settings but couldn't see anything for it, but will have another look. Have updated car info 😉 Thanks Andy
  4. Morning , after some help on torque settings please. All through lockdown and for a while after we left our Verso SORN as we weren't using it, I did start it up and drive it backwards and forwards a bit to keep things moving but the front brake discs did rust up a bit. Post lockdown we still get a grinding noise when braking and on the passenger side it looks like the disc is beginning to score just a little bit. I want to remove the pads to make sure there is nothing stuck anywhere but don't have the Front Brake caliper torque setting to re fit, apparently there is no Haynes manual
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