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  1. After watching a lot of videos from the Car Care Nut I decided to change my engine oil every 6 months. 75% of my miles are made in short distances and in heavy traffic conditions. I only cover 6-8.000 miles per year. Hybrids don't pay road taxes in Greece, so the money I shave from there will go for oil changes.
  2. On motorways use the Sport mode, it's slightly more economical then the normal. I have never used the ECO, throttle response is too slow for me.
  3. Adjust the volume from your phone to maximum. That did the trick to me.
  4. Once I got out of the car with the brake hold on. The car started to scream like the Germans were coming again. Never tried it again!
  5. Rear Vents are only standard in the TS models. They also have a little more gear like 2 rows of leds, power plug in the boot and line in under the front usb.
  6. I don't think there is enough space in Chr for a family of four. When I went to the dealership I wanted the new Chr but when I opened the boot I was disapointed. To my surprice next to it was a Corolla TS (in Greece Station Wagons sell less than 1%). It was a no brainer, bought the TS 1,8 and never regred it. The 1.2 is a faster car but I will choose the ecvt all day long. If you want more power and you can afford it go for the 2.0.
  7. The update is available in Greece and it's free of charge. Next week I going for the first service and also update the infotainment.
  8. I mean "getting" 😂 Sorry!
  9. Maybe she is asking about the ecvt gating to neutral? 🙄
  10. That is made in Turkey. I prefer the ones (hatcback - TS) that are made in UK.
  11. Google Maps don't support Greece yet. Even if we get android auto in our cars, in order to download the app we need to find it outside the Google play.
  12. AVAS Acoustic vehicle alert system This is really important. Especially in Greece where pedestrians first walk in the middle of the road and then check for traffic.
  13. Toyota Polis in Thessaloniki. This is the reply. GOOD MORNING Mr. A .... From what the crew told me, a letter is coming from Toyota to upgrade the infotainment. So first wait for the letter from Toyota hellas. Mod edit: please post in English as the majority of members are UK based.
  14. Have you done it before? Are you handy with tools? It is not so straightforward as you think, especially allying the wing with the bonnet.
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