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  1. Success (I think!) Dropped the rear seat back and manually opened the tailgate so I could get to the battery and put the booster pack directly on the terminals. Set off the alarm, which would not respond to the key buttons, but eventually stopped. Gave it a few minutes to absorb some charge from the booster and away it went. Driven it for half an hour so I'm hoping that will be enough till I need to fetch my wife from work, which will give it another forty-odd minutes of running time.
  2. Tried the booster pack, orange engine symbol at bottom left of the display comes on, goes off when I press the brake pedal, but no response from the power button. Now it's raining - don't want the bonnet open with electrics exposed - this is not a good day!
  3. You were right about persistence - got the driver's door open, so now have access to the engine bay. I will try applying a booster pack to the jump terminals (once it has charged) and see if I can get it going.
  4. Gerg, thanks for the quick response, the metal key is turning, but nothing happens - I would expect to hear the relays operate on the other doors. If I cannot gain access to either the bonnet or the boot, I do not know what I can do.
  5. I inadvertently left the lights on on my Auris Hybrid T-Spirit (2011 - keyless entry) and the 12V battery is so drained that I cannot get into the car, even with the metal key. Is there any way to open the bonnet so that I can connect a booster pack to the jump start terminals?
  6. I agree that cigarette lighter/power sockets are simple and rarely fail but I had used the socket to power a compressor to inflate the tyres prior to a long journey. At the start of that journey I plugged in a USB adaptor for my mobile phone (the satnav app drains the phone battery rapidly unless the charger cable is in place), the power light on the adaptor came on briefly, then went out, no power to the phone. At the end of the journey, I tried the compressor again - no power. Back home, I checked the socket with a multimeter - no power. The fuse for the socket is also the one for the a
  7. Thanks for the info, unfortunately the console on the Auris Hybrid is somewhat different.
  8. The cigarette lighter/power socket on my 2011 Hybrid has failed - I need to either replace it as is, or install a dual power socket and USB charger. Both will need access to the underside of the existing unit - how do I remove the console to achieve this? Alternatively, is there a power take-off point in the wiring that I can tap into for the additional socket/USB? Thanks in advance CadmasterUK
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