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  1. does anyone know if the turbo and n/a ignition coil packs are the same cheers Luke
  2. my car had a full engine rebuild less than 2000 miles ago and the thermostat was changed then i reckon its just the sensors gone for then fans so i want to be able to switch them on manually
  3. ive got a rev1 tubby and noticed earlier on the temp had risen quite alot while at traffic lights. can anyone tell me how to wire up the radiator fan and the intercooler fan to switches instead of them working off sensors. any help would be great cheers guys. Luke
  4. anybody wanna?? its black has top one cut out for gauge but bottom ones yet to be cut. cant find anymore gauges like the one that came with my car so just gonna have that one. think it would look loads better if it was in a single pod rather than a twin one though
  5. got a spare block for a rev1 tubby bores are good thought id see if anyone wants it of her before i advertise it somewhere else.
  6. my car is a rev 1 glad its not as difficult as i thought. cheers for your help!
  7. just recently brought my mr2 tubby as a non runner, engines has now had a full rebuilt with everythin but the turbo and clutch beenin replaced. when engine was out these were inspected and said to be in perfect condition. been drivin the car round locally to see if any strange noises occur ( like worn bushes and stuff) and noticed a little rattle. Had it over the pit and had a look nothing is lose nothing can make the noise. im starting to suspect its coming from the turbo. is it possible to fit a new turbo with the motor still in the car or is it an engine out jobbie?? also whats the best turbo to go for and what sort of prices am i looking at?? any help on this and ill be really greatful.
  8. hi ive just brought me a knackered rev1 mr2 turbo. having brought it with an engine problem i havent driven it yet. the other day i was sat in it and realised the speedo only goes up to 100 mph?? whats all this about? can i just change the dials or do i need to buy new clocks??? hope you guys can help. cheers luke.
  9. brought my rev 1 imported mr2 turbo last week for £700. interior is mint with 7" screen in dash and pionner cd player. body work is faded but its already booked in for kit bein fitted and a respray in candy red. engine wise it had a new turbo and was runnin 290 bhp with graphs to prove but bottom end has gone hence the low price. currently parked up in mates garage have a full engine rebuild. lookin forward to gettin it on the road :D