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  1. We are travelling across to Belgium via Calais/Eurotunnel next week in our 69 RAV4. Haven't done this before, so don't know what to expect from the satnav system. Will it accept European addresses and get us there? Or do I need to download something. We've have Apple CarPlay installed so could fallback on that but I prefer the RAV's inbuilt satnav. I have purchased some stick on, universal headlamp deflectors. I wasn't planning on fitting them because we won't be driving at night - we aren't going very far (Ypres to be precise). Is it okay to carry them but not fit them? Do we even need them? I also purchased a magnetic UK plate - but discovered that the boot lid is entirely plastic! Thanks for help/advice.
  2. What I thought. Shame though, the dealership has always been really good. Previous car was Avensis Tourer (brilliant car - and in some ways superior to the RAV).
  3. We have 2019 RAV4 Excel with 'moon roof' (Toyota's name for it, not ours). When it's tilted it rattles when travelling over rough ground or bumpy road. The car has just had it's second service and we'd ask the dealership to have a look at the roof noise. They've come back with 'it's for ventilation when stationery - not meant to be driven when roof is tilted'. They're having us on surely???
  4. Parking brake engages when transmission moved to 'P'.
  5. Had our year old Excel less than a week and apart from the disappointing nav system, all going well. My question relates to beeping. When it stops and put in P and turned off there is a continuous beep, beep until I get out of the car and close the door. Am I missing something?
  6. Compared to our 2013 Avensis, the built in navigation on our newly acquired RAV4 is rubbish. Not only that but am I alone in thinking the map graphics look like something out of an early version of MS Flight Simulator? Desperate to get Apple CarPlay so we can ditch the RAVNAV.
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