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  1. If it fails should the fault not be covered by the extended hybrid warranty?
  2. Thank you, I'll have a look to see if the car has this 🙂
  3. Nope didn't get a chance to test and had to take his word for it, they had closed and car was taken away so had to take his word on it, we will be collecting the car tomorrow..
  4. Thank you so much Gerg, I'll have a look before we pay final balance tomorrow, looking at those previous posts doesn't look like Toyota will assist much after the 3 year warranty 😞 This car is glacial white too.
  5. Just test drive today and we've put down a deposit to purchase and pickup the car on Monday. Thank you for all the advice in this thread is been very useful, are there any photos to show common areas of corrosion? I tried to have a look at the areas described but am concerned I've misinterpreted some of the locations 🙂
  6. Hi all We've just put down a deposit (after test driving) on a 2013 Yaris hybrid in T spirit trim at a Toyota dealer, it's a lovely car however just need clarification on something. Is the keyless system safe on this car? I asked the dealer to disable the feature (another dealer has done this for me before) but salesperson advised it's only keyless start and not keyless entry so it's not a issue on this car, does that sound correct? If it's not keyless entry then I guess no one can get into car to start it so I'm not as worried, just sounded strange to me that it had keyless start but not keyless entry, i.e. you have to press button on fob to open door and not just touch handle 🙂
  7. Thank you both, sounds like that's not too much to worry about compared to other cars 🙂 I'll make sure I check for rust on the areas described, her current car is only a 2002 Yaris so my thinking is the lights should be a upgrade from her current car so that should be fine, unfortunately no opportunity to keep it or try it at night.. She only wants to spend around £8k with cruise control, rear cam and Bluetooth (and approved used Toyota) so we are limited to mainly 2013 model. The batteries are covered for 3 months I believe while rest of car has full year cover, we'll also keep up servicing with Toyota to keep the traction battery covered.
  8. Hi All I've been helping my sister choose a car, she currently has a 2002 Yaris and we're going to test drive 2013 1.5 VVT-i Hybrid Yaris tomorrow in the "T Spirit" trim which I've been advised is the top spec (she wants cruise control and reversing camera as well as bluetooth music streaming). We will probably end up buying the car if she likes the test drive, my question from fellow owners or experts here, does this model have any known reliability issues or are the engines and hybrid drivetrain (or anything else!) up to the usual Toyota reliability? We are buying via a Toyota main dealer so will get the years warranty etc however just wanted to check in there are no known faults or niggles with this year/model Advice would be much appreciated 🙂
  9. Ah, maybe he had the 2011 as the MMT sounds like something he mentioned, we'll be looking at 2012 onwards so looks like we'll be fine with the CVT 🙂 Now I just need to research trim levels and go from there..
  10. Thank you both, are both models known to be reliable? Only reason I ask is someone at work has the 2012 or 2013 one I think and he said there are known transmission issues with the Automatic transmission versions of the Yaris, I know he's had a transmission issue but i'm not sure if thats widespread? At the moment it sounds like theres not much difference between newer and older so anything from 2012 onwards should be fine..
  11. Hi All We have a 2002 Yaris Automatic which has done us well for the past 6 years however at the last service it looks like theres a lot of work needed on the suspension, brakes etc so I'm thinking now is a good time to upgrade to a newer Toyota. I've looked at NCAP safety ratings and the Yaris does fair pretty well. Iniitally we were thinking to spent around £6k which should give us the 2011/2012 model of the Yaris, however for around £10k+ it looks like you can get the 2017 model, is the newer one worth the extra money, i.e. is there a big leap in safety or quality? Also are there any common issues that we need to be careful of or are both models known to be reliable? Advice appreciated 🙂