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  1. Might be the cable you are using to connect for Android Auto? I ended up getting a new one as the connection was too intermittent with the one I had.
  2. Maybe you're got your key in your pocket? If so try leaving it in the cup holder as it gives a warning if the key is too far away.
  3. I posted the below response on a similar thread. Thought I would link to it here just in case it is a concern for anyone else who may come across this thread while pondering the same decision. I've had the opportunity to use the car on the motorway more since and found the 1.8l to be fine for cruising at 70mph and overtaking when needed.
  4. The front USB position is quite awkward and the lack of rear ones is not ideal. It would be nice if the arm rest one could be used for data too. Any convex mini-mirror recommendations? I tried using one on a previous car but wasn't happy with the item I bought.
  5. Had a similar thing occur and was wondering the same. Can't see anywhere with a log of the alarm going off. Was wondering if a reason for the trigger would be provided.
  6. Any idea why Toyota GB chose not to have any trims with BSM? Might have tempted me further up the range.
  7. It was the Carbon Monoxide figures I was referring to, not the Carbon Dioxide which I agree are decent on the 2.0l too and wouldn't have prevented me from choosing one. I got the figures from the main Toyota website by comparing a Corolla Hybrid TS with a 1.8l & 2.0l engine.
  8. Deleted due to double post.
  9. This may or may not be a factor in your decision, but probably the main reason I went for the 1.8l is that the Carbon Monoxide emissions of the 2.0l are significantly higher. I know you can't put full faith in Which's emissions tests where the 2.0l engine was flagged up as having high CO emissions, but a look at the engine specs published by Toyota show CO (mg/km) of 104.8 for the 1.8l and 188.2 for the 2.0l. I've not really had much opportunity to test the car out on the motorway in the current circumstances and may come to regret my decision but it has been fine for city driving. Pull
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