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  1. Yes the little Daihatsu Sirion is tough even if it doesn't look like it and it's relatively fast and lively ( 160km ) for having a tiny 1000cc engine. I believe the Sirion and the older Yaris shared the same engine. If you maintain it with regular oil changes and good 98 octane gas the fuel economy is still about what the manufacturer says. I am so happy with it that I am thinking of giving it a bit of loving care meaning, fixing scratches on the paint, maybe installing rear disc brakes or a short shifter but I am trying to control myself and not spend money needlessly plus I don'
  2. Changed brake pads and brake discs and the vibration went away. The mechanic had a look at the front of the car and only found some old bushings that are of no concern and nothing to worry about as he said and suggested I should get new tires at least for the front as they are worn.
  3. Yes you did, that was one of the options but seemed a bit too soon, I guess the discs installed were of sub-standard quality
  4. I took the car to the mechanic today for a quick drive and his estimate so far is wraped disc rotors and maybe something wrong with the left suspension because he was keep hearing a weird noise i could not hear ( and i usually have an OCD which anything out of place or wierd noises ). We will know more when we actually lift the car on Monday.
  5. Vibration on the steering wheel and pedal went down considerably its there but just in a tiny amount nothing like before. I will have the discs checked but it now seems my issue is tire related, unbalanced or a flat spot on one of the tires etc. Thanks for the help
  6. Sorry I confused the tire pressure measuring units its 2.2 - 2.3 bar. Well now with the correct tire pressure the issue is still kinda there but its way better night-day difference. The weird thing is that as always ( in my case ) the rear tires were the ones that really needed air the front where more or less OK. Last air top-up was 09-01-2021. The front tires are near the end of their life and worn down way more than the rear since the Daihatsu is front wheel drive. The rear tires have almost no wear since they just follow the front tires BUT they tend to lose air quicker than th
  7. Brake pads along with the disc rotors are 3 years old, had them replaced about 11.000km to 15.000km ago, I have not changed them recently to be installed wrongly. Issue has started less than a month ago. The car is 15 years old and has about 60.000miles which is about 96.000km I always check the fluids at least once a month and the brake fluid is always exactly at the line it is supposed to be marked on the container. If my brakes were grabbing doesn't that mean that i would be grinding them driving forward ? I would notice that. It was that time of the month today to fill up t
  8. Hello Guys, I have a quick troubleshooting question for you, My car is a 15 years old Daihatsu, Its been almost a year that my car steers a tiny bit to the left when stopping and this happens even if I let the car stop on its own without applying the brakes. When coming to stop after the car steered to the left on its own and I start moving forward it steers a tiny bit to the right like there is torque twist but my car is far from powerful lol . This happens very rarely that I even forget when has the last time it happened, so I lived with it. Apart from this
  9. Aircon steals power from the engine, hurting acceleration, top speed and fuel consumption . It is very evident on all cars unless you have a big engine like 2000cc
  10. Just get a charger for a wall outlet to charge the battery in you home. I have done it before when in need.
  11. i have been up a mountain with my 14 year old 1000cc Daihatsu Sirion meant for city driving you will be fine with just some hills and a 1300cc engine
  12. Ideally it should have a speaker on its PCB, just a simple mono will do and loud enough to be able to be heard in the car. I don't mind if its not mp3 any sound file will do. What i am trying to do is add a chime to the car that goes on when you turn the key and switch on the battery. I plan to tap 12v power from a fuse. So the sound module will turn on with the car and will stay on until you power the car down so that's why i said the sound should play on ONCE and not be continuous, the sound should repeat only if you power cycle the car. I have already found the module you sh
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