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  1. OK understood regarding wiring and plugs but what about the motor ? is it a good idea to clean it ?
  2. So does checking and cleaning all cable connections and also cleaning the motor from carbon waste inside the casing makes any sense ?. How do I differentiate between The motor is this one shown in the video:
  3. So ? what is the solution ? I would like to know what parts should i consider buying as mechanics here suck at troubleshooting and are just parts replacers.
  4. Correct that is exactly what I saw 52, 55, 57 : Looking up the codes at https://obd2-codes.co provided the following results: ECU harness is open or shorted,Power Steering ECU circuit poor electrical connection So it seems that the issue is wire harness related. Should I have a mechanic check and clean all connections and possibly clean the insides on the motor for carbon residue ?
  5. Mine has a motor mounted in the steering column, I don't think it is using fluids.
  6. I made a video showing the EPS light flashing: I think I can distiguise 3 error codes, let me know what you guys see
  7. -I have an LAUNCH Creader 3001 OBDII scanner and it shows no codes when the light is on -Tested my battery with the Topdon ArtiBattery101 tester and its 98% charged 100% healthy and the battery its self is 400CCA which is more than then car needs. Also according to the test alternator is fine as well. -Swapped EPS fuse no change -Battery and cables do not look dirty or corroded -Disconnected battery, left car sit over night , in the morning issue appeared again -When I park the car wheels are always straight
  8. What about physically cleaning the insides of the motor ?
  9. Since you have the manual if there anything else I can do ? something like recalibration ? or something else that I have missed ?
  10. I have already done as the manual suggests and I think it flashes at set intervals but in any case I will do a video tomorrow morning in the light of day.
  11. How do I read the flashes ? Have a look at the PDF G02.pdf
  12. I guess I will do a video on that because I think it was doing this: "When the system is functioning normally, the flashing interval is 0.5 second"
  13. Hi, I downloaded the service manual for the car and just bridged a few seconds ago the 2 terminals as shown below: And what it did was make the EPS light flash but the steering was operational, I don't know what that means
  14. Thank you for the reply, I have found the same video myself and I guess I may ask a mechanic to clean the motor. What does the fan belt has to do with the Electric Power Sterring ? When the EPS light goes on steering is heavy and I have to start the car while moving the steering then the issue goes away and works fine until I park the car for long while What I have done so far is: * Checked the battery and alternator with Topdon ArtiBattery101 everything checks out fine * Battery terminals are clean and don't look corroded * Swapped EPS Fuse with the Ignition Fuse which is exactly the same no change * Disconnected the battery and let the car sit over night, Issue re-appeared in the morning * Connected my LAUNCH Creader 3001 OBDII scanner found no codes apart from CAT_RDY incomplete which is totally irrelevant Is there a sensor for the EPS ? and a computer module ? how can I found out where are they located ?
  15. Update : I went to 3 mechanics they all scanned the car with the OBDII but they found nothing worng with the car no error code. What now ?
  16. I forgot to add that when I turn the ignition to on all checks come out fine, EPS turns on only when i crank the engine is the EPS module starved of power when I start the car ?
  17. Its Electric Power Steering not Hydraulic
  18. Hello, I have a used 2006 Daihatsu Sirion 1000cc and starting from this month the Electric Power Steering light comes on accompanied by a series of clicking noises 1-2 times a week. I have an LAUNCH Creader 3001 OBDII scanner and it shows no codes when the light is on ( maybe it can't read the code ) When the EPS light comes on in order to make it functional again i have to turn the steering wheel while turning the car on, then it works reliably. Also tested my battery with the Topdon ArtiBattery101 tester and its 98% charged 100% healthy and the battery its self is 400CCA which is more than then car needs. Is there anything simple I can do on my own, what do you think the issue is ? where is the motor located ? inside the dash ? How much does it cost to be repaired professionally ? Thank you
  19. Hello, My handbrake button broke off yesterday on my 2006 Daihatsu Sirion. ( The day before yesterday it was at the mechanic for a scheduled service coincidence ? ). it broke off while driving but luckily there was still a piece stuck inside and I was still able to use the handbrake. I have managed to get the stuck piece out and temporarily replaced the button with a silver one i had that fitted but its a bit longer than the original and since it's not black it sticks out like a shore thumb. Anyone knows where I can find a proper replacement ? I attach example photos of what I mean
  20. Well there is no reason to test the failsafe mechanisms of CANbus and OBDII port since there are alternatives ways to charge the battery. You can charge the battery via the cigarette lighter for the cars that allow that or directly from the battery terminals.
  21. YOU would check but the majority of people will not check and plugin it in weather its bad or not An engineer would know better and double check before using a China made OBDII cable, but normal people will not so the general rule is don't mess with the OBDII port unless you know what you are doing
  22. You should bother to assess your car's condition so you are onto of the situation, fully aware of the problem and their potential solutions so when you go to your mechanic or dealership you know what the truth is and don't buy into their potential lies, stall tactics or do work on your car that is not needed.
  23. Yes cars today are a network of small independent computers dedicated to a specific task talking to each other. Nothing new there. It does not mater if the input/output of diagnostics sit across various PANs (private area networks) or if you have 1 or 40 computes in the car. If your solar panel comes out of the factory not properly wired providing power to the wrong pins of the OBDII port it can fry things and it will be an expensive fix. It is better to leave it alone and only use it for connecting a OBDII Reader not charging. It is the same with Power Over Ethernet (POE) in ethernet cables if you provide power to the wrong pins you will fry the network card or a port on the switch.
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