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  1. yep for sure .tbh cant see me selling it its to good lol im only kidding myself .going to drive it into the ground.i upgraded the sound system in it by new quality speakers and a class d amp. the sound is way better now than stock just cant believe toyota would cheap so much on crappy speakers
  2. thank you at least im not alone in this one :). i have not cut into the wires just put to slide in pin connectors and run them to a switch beside the steering wheel but tbh im going to do away with that also as just like my last car turn on without pushing clutch r any buttons. only reason i did the wheel switch is that wanted to see by closing that circuit would it cause problems but i guess not so happy days going to do it
  3. yep the car dose that rev the engine a bit in gear and handbrake goes off but problem is when on a hill u have to put on the handbrake button and do the whole thing again when moving forward. i see some vw . well my friends one he got hill start assistance on his car so the handbreak comes on when on a hill by its self
  4. cool cool dont think il have that problem quick question do u think closing that circuit perm will cause problems boss. just tbh my knee gives me bother thats the truth why i wanted rid of it
  5. tbh nope as well when i start it i start it when out of gear tbh .i dont notice any difference starting the car with clutch pushed in or left out .thats why thinking of doing away with it as its a pain as u have to push the clutch right in or it wont start.my other car a vw group car i started that and didnt have to push a clutch in .and well as catlover says its a safety feature well i dont think so tbh as well tbh its only maybe to make the car easier to start im not sure and tbh more i have this car more i think i wish i got another seat car .push clutch is a pain, the low rev low gear when regular driving torque is sluggish compared to my seat car and finally that annoying push button handbrake thats is another one kina hate. my wife cant get used to that when taking off from a hill.im in 2 minds of getting rid of it. other than that its a good car had 38k on clock when got it now got 42k
  6. hi there i have a 2014 toyota avensis 2.0d4d well i couldnt be bothered with that way pushing in the clutch to start the car so i added a push on button switch beside the wheel so all i have to do is push the switch and well tbh this was only temp as well i just want to do away with that completely .will that circuit closed all the time be ok as im wondering will it be ok. my last car i like it the way just starting it with the turn of the key. its just to handy. did anyone else do away with this push clutch start thing by chance
  7. quick question about jumping i see online if jumping any car connect the positive to the dead car battery and the negitive to some earth on the engine .if this is the way its dont would that cause faults in the car. i noticed when i bought my car battery was done needed changed was original in the car from new back in 2014 well i noticed the 2.0 d4d would rev above 1k revs for a while no matter what temp was outside i thought did it when cold but nope still did it .but all good not never came back after changed old battery.
  8. tbh by look of that cube thing looks like would be alot of extra work that tool is handy the kit but suppose its up to you .me i wouldnt bother trying breaks without that kit there it makes life really handy for the price its not really that big tbh either
  9. tbh not much info in those engines that the petrol version. i know the new shape 2015 on in the 2.0d4d engine they got the bmw n47 engine and well there not good .use oil etc the older ones with the 1ad toyota engine supposed to be better .i think the spec with the business edt plus u have heated seats .my car is the business edt and no heated seats
  10. tbh think you are waisting your time with that tool as the rear brakes need to be wound back in different directions . i bought this tool and well tbh its the best .buy it one time dose all your cars and well everything in it u need https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203099982597?hash=item2f49b3cb05:g:G70AAOSwTspfVftR
  11. by chance Konrad buddy would you know the step by step way to use techstream to get centerpoint for the epb. my one works great i did my rear breaks great and all works well its just to know for later in life incase so il have the info at hand .cant remember what version of techstream i have its a ebay one seems to work as i turned off the annoying beeps and dings etc
  12. well im not sure about the 2016 avensis .when i did mine i kept my car ing at the on part held in or out i cant remember to turn off the epb then i took off the breaks calibers and wound back the piston with a wind back took changed my breaks tbh was a easy job i tought was harder then plus i got new genuine discs also as they were on there way out as well and well when i heard all the storys about this epb i said when im in there im doing the whole thing to new genuine pads and discs . after i had all in i got into the car pumped the breaks the epb was still switched off .then i started the car drove it back and forward putting on the breaks making sure was all working great then and only then i turned the epb back on again by holding in or out i cant remember for 6 seconds
  13. they have lost center point of your epb im guessing or by chance did they take off the plug that connect to the air filter as tbh i did this when i serviced my car and well i forgot to connect up the plug again that threw up that problem with the epb .i plugged it back in again and was all good. but tbh i bought my car and shorty after buying it i bought a cable and toyota techstream software from ebay to run any faults on it. by the sounds of it think you need the toyota techstream software to reset the center point of the epb
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