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  1. Dam so little miles those cars are nothing but bother those new shape BMW engine Toyota avensis .would ringing Toyota direct not fix it it's a real fresh car 😞
  2. It's just like a money pit anything 2 do with AC and you are right less stress on the engine trying to move a piece of **** wore out AC compressor .anyone I know had a avensis by passed the AC compressor but for sure a genuine Toyota belt any other you will hear a anoying noise as it's a hair 2 big
  3. is it possible to bypass the pump unless you looking for ac the price to fix it is alot of money going by the age of the car i guess .when my ac craps out that is what i for sure will do bypass the ac pump but for sure get a genuine toyota belt .i heard those other brands of belts makes a annoying squeak
  4. yep and i love the way the new rules of the road they brought in if we are driving down the road and a poxy push bike rider is coming down the road behind u u have to stop in the road and let the bike idiot pass on the left before you turn into the left road you want to go on. that happened me the other day i came to a roundabout where i had the right of way some ***** on a bike came flying down turning left the road i was on then i next relized he was right beside me on my left and i had to take the next road on the left as that was my direction. i put on my indicator and the !Removed! cut in behind me
  5. Aye I'd say I'd get a Toyota hybrid some time and we'll I'm bit like u I'd say il be in for bother as tbh I don't do long drives with my car at all as I only live I'd say 5 miles from work and back so only driving it gets is weekend and we'll sometimes that don't happen as we got handy train in my town .suppose it car !Removed! itself for less driving I'd be the man 2 let uz guys know the craic I'm going threw with a low miles driving 2.0d4d 1adftv engine 2014 with genuine 48k on the clock problems lol 😕
  6. Hi Konrad would u ever think about getting a 2.0 d4d 1adftv t27 avensis for a change dude see what you think of them and why boss
  7. Tbh I found with the Dell e6430 core i5 and the Dell e6420 core i7 I didnt find much difference in speed .just the Dell e6420 core i7 was not a good laptop 2 use with the heat and fan noise from it .I really hated it so sold it on .might look on eBay see if can pick up another dell e6430 core i5 just 2 have incase the one I have breaks lol but tbh I have it now for nearly 7 years got it second hand and works great but it's looked after well. Kina heavy laptop but very well built compared to the Toshiba one I had before stupid things broke on that one
  8. that laptop of mine is class and tbh its got all you need on it and well its core i5 which is great compared to the run hot flat out fan speed core i7 . i have this dell e6430 for a right few yeard now and well never any bother .tbh i dont like apple things as they are way to restricked to me compared to windows laptops and andriod phones. i just like to take off crapware off my devices if i want to but with apple you are stuck. i used to have a iphone 4s and was a nice phone but nothing compared to the samsung and sony phones as no memory worth a dam and well apple wanted me to put all my things in the cloud im not happy with that either.
  9. I find my 2014 now and when I bought it with 38k on it when going down a slow lane or rough road I slow down and put it into 1st gear I notice it's not as smooth going into 1st going down the gears as my last VW group car. It's not 2 say I'm flying down the gears as I'm not
  10. U like it r maybe better get rid of it for one of the last ones with the 1adftv engine late 2014 early 2015 think still made the ones with the 1adftv engine before changing that's good miles with the 2.2d4d everyone said to me they give bother with engine more than the 2.0d4d engine . I always like chatting with taxi guys as they know how good cars are and what one 2 get so don't give bother .but that's brave different in miles with the 2.2 and 2.0 did the engine finally go out at that miles 184
  11. what ones u used for taxi was it the t27 2010 up for taxis i got a 2014 one with dpf did you by chance have one of those how many miles you get with it and did it ever give any bother also with the dpf tbh i dont do many miles my one has 48k on the clock now a 2014 i got it think id say 2 years ago with 38k
  12. many miles on that car would toyota not fix it sure its the newer shape out its not old for god sake thats bad 😞
  13. would you be able to put in a the 1ADFTV 2.0 engines in these new shape cars .do you think. by the chance how many miles was on the engine now cant believe those engines go already as there the new shape engine out 😞
  14. tbh i would sy it more bother than worth as maybe need new lights on switches as im guessing might not be as handy as that plus maybe run down the battery quicker tbh im thinking going into my techsteam software and turning my ones off as tbh dont think they do much only run down my battery. also i have my lights on to auto so they come on when it gets dark do u have that option on the 09 model im guessing the dlr maybe wired in threw that some way
  15. whats the gearbox like for oil
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