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  1. I had that problem one time the I serverced mine and forgot 2 put back in the plug for the air filter maf sensor and came across that problem
  2. see if handy way of just bolting it it up with a bigger washer or maybe tieing it up with strong wire do rightly and drive it on shouldn't be a big job tbh
  3. id be more paranoid of the ev cars running out than the petrol and diesel cars as you are restricted where to go in ev cars and have to plan every distance you go encase you run out tbh think id rather have diesel cars at this time
  4. o im a guy runs cars right out then fills them right up to the top way covid is lest time touching pumps and in stores the better
  5. Why is it bad to not let fuel go below 1/4 of a tank I always fill my car up and only fill up again when light comes on or she nearly out .
  6. Is this all happing in the 2.2d4d Toyota engines by chance is none of these cars in the comments the 2.0d4d 1adftv engines .just wondering
  7. My car is a 2014 with the Toyota touch 2 sat nav tbh I don't bother with it as tbh it's hard 2 beat Google maps you can download offline maps and use them Google maps are way more handy and better than any sat nav .I was stupid and started a new job which involves driving places so I bought a lifetime. Updates Garmin sat nav and we'll I never used it it's 2 much bother .the only thing good a headunit in the car has is the usb stick that can play music on the radio and having dab+ is great .
  8. nope my one is a 2014 one and the electric handbreak comes on auto only when you switch the car off or move away from when its on u have to put in the clutch and give it a slight rev while nearly moving forward and the handbreak will come off. pitu there is no hill start on this car like the vw have
  9. There are class android touchscreen headunits that can get for these cars just make sure u get a newer one with dab+ great radios .think pioneer dose really good ones
  10. aye see if can find a low miles one with the 1adftv 2.0 d4d engine there good plenty enough power tbh well enough for me its a kinda cruising comfortable car tbh im looking on that bca site and tbh cant see any on there also only with 130k on the clock might come across one hope you fing one thats well spec out with leather seats and sat nav dab radio front fogs etc
  11. hi there boss did you ever find a toyota avensis yet
  12. is it by chance discs problem i was sickened with my last car thats was tbh the main reason i got rid of it was dam kept getting shuddering from the front breaks when breaking i didnt even drive that hard on the the breaks either but my main problem im thinking was those rare brand motor factor discs. i just figured this out as soon as i sold my car and bout a 2014 toyota avensis with 38k on the clock she drives great and no shudder problem what so ever .i have bought genuine toyota avensis discs for my front as well think might need them but she went threw the mot good so not going to bother changing them as she drives great i have did the rear discs and pads with genuine toyota parts so should be all good there
  13. Nothing was only for the look when I bought the car had a deep scratch on boot thank God was right where spoiler went to so great job looks good also
  14. U not mod a t27 there more kinda more sporty look to them curvy body the mod I did to mine 2014 one was put on Toyota boot spoiler and had to for sure was a must upgrade the speaker system as the ones came in the car were so cheap looking was crazy .I put in pioneer speakers and put in a class d amp the sound is way better now
  15. Yep you will see the engine code ww2 stay away from them as they are the new engines (BMW) Toyota are putting in go for the 2014 ones just go for the ones with the last Toyota die hard engines 1ADFTV they were put in the cars years and years ago so well known it's the car design before the newer avensis look
  16. im not sure about the timing chain on these 2.0 d4d 1adftv engines but suppose that miles il be interested in changing coolant and the thermostat and plus the water pump im a bit like yourself as not sure what maintenance needs done on these engines. im thinking the inlet manifold could do with taking it off and cleaning out the inlet manifold and ege valve a real go0d cleaning depends how long you want to keep it for but im one of those guys that keeps a car for a really long time like 11 years
  17. Got a 2014 Toyota avensis with the Toyota die hard 2.0d4d engine 1ADFTV tbh well I'm in this category where I don't really cover big miles but we'll suppose if anything goes wrong il put it on here I bought it threw a buddy of mine that owns a dealer garage and came from BCA (British car auction) just over a year ago came with 38k on it business EDT .great spec out car .I like it tbh but if going for a avensis got for the 2014 before they put the BMW engine in them. Suppose depends where Ur at where I'm at we no problem with diesel cars here and it's got £30 tax .I'm not sure what is the saving having a petrol avensis to a diesel one but tbh my one is got plenty enough power for me anyways .
  18. quick question on your 2014 toyota avensis where actually is the ac drain located please is it easy to get to or have to jack up the car plus how did you unblock the drain with a wire coat hanger was it by chance
  19. i think those tschstream as i have found out it works better with windows 7 32 bit as that is why i bought a spare ssd from ebay and loaded windows 7 on to it didnt have to bother with connecting it to internet as we tbh as long has the drivers for the cable will work but noticed windows 7 32 bit the techstream worked better just encase anyone wants to know
  20. thanks so much i bought techstream from ebay more or less the same as yours bud and i used it to turn off the annoying beeps . seatblet chimes completely and forget what else i used mainly the annoying beeps. on my last vw group car i had vcds which was great i turned down my egr values down to nothing but i didnt have a dpf on that car like my 2014 toyota avensis got a dpf other if it didnt have a dpf i would use techstream and turn down my egr values. if you want my techstream i will send the software i got if you like but with mine the guy had me send him the code for it so he sends me the password
  21. quick question bud i have techstream but i have loaded it to a ssd i bought on ebay and when i need my software i just pull out my ssd in my laptop and put the other one i bought from ebay ssd into it and low and behold i have techstream but when buying mine the guy on ebay told me when putting on techstream send him a email with the code and he will email me the code that will work. i was wondering looking at yourd u have that ts loader i was wondering can i have it as if i loose my key i can put that in and it will make a code for me
  22. i know yours is the older version but maybe something like this is needed
  23. those new shapr toyota avensis withe the ww2 engines give some bother bad enought the bmw engine and yet this ac thing that should never break and should last the life time of the car .that would sicken my ******* enought that id flog it on down the road if things like that are breaking . dose these things break in the last gen with the 1adftv engine 2014 gen
  24. My touchscreen on my 2014 touch 2 headunit is not good either I nearly need to hit the button under the one u need tbh Toyota touch 2 sat nav is a pain if I'm going anywhere it's always Google maps. I find the car headunit touchscreen is a complete pain and I only use it 2 play music
  25. nice car i wonder why your leather seats are different than mine my car is the business edt saloon 2014 its got the Leather & Alcantara seats
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