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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Looks like I'll have to get used to the car being scratched. Not happy about it but if it's normal not much I can do!
  2. We live in a rural area and often have to pull over on the country road usually because 4x4 drivers don't like getting mud on their tyres! The hedges are not trimmed because it's against the law for farmers to do so until later in the year. I've noticed that we have got a lot of scratches down the side of the car, admittedly they are not deep and might polish out but it's still annoying. Is the paint quality that bad or because it not really hardened off yet? Car is a 2020 car we collected in February this year has done about 3k mile and the colour is Tyrol silver.
  3. Thanks Bob. I've had a quick scan of your links and you're not kidding when you say is complex! Using my mobile data makes sense as some of the time outside my phone does have 1 bar of service. Phone is a Motorola One.
  4. Just found out that Vodafone are turning the sure signal off. We live in a rural area and have very poor mobile signal so use the sure signal to make and receive calls and texts. But the My T app works when the car is parked on my drive so it must have a signal! I've tried several networks with no luck until a friend told me about the sure signal about 3 years ago. Now Vodafone are saying to use wifi calling but my phone doesn't support this. So does anyone know which network the app uses?
  5. We have had our 2ltr Corolla (2020MY) since February and due to lock down have only done 1500 miles so haven't given it hard throttle. Yesterday I did give a bit of a boot to get round another car and when looking in the mirror to check I was passed I saw a small cloud of white smoke/steam. I 'think' that it could be condensation as you get when first starting a non hybrid car because the exhaust isn't getting really hot due to the engine not running all the time What do others think?
  6. Had the second test drive today in a 1.8 TS. It was noticeably less punchy in the mid range. So order placed for a 2.0 design spec in black pick up on 15th december. The car we drove (Excel spec) had a startup chime which was the same as our Nextbase dash cam. I wonder if Toyota use Nextbase software for the road sign camera? Anyway many thanks for all the info you have posted it has been very helpful.
  7. I don't understand your comment, personally I think DSG 'boxs are perfect for everyday cars, but, of course you are entitled to your opinion. Due to her disabilities my wife can't drive a manual car any more.
  8. Andrue, Thanks for the reply. Interesting what you say about the auto lights & wipers we had them on a previous car (Ford Kuga) and they worked fine but we don't have them on the Seat. My wife likes and wants them, I, personally don't have a problem with switching them on myself! Yes one USB could be a problem but I'm sure Amazon will sell a 'doubler'. Motability don't allow you to hard wire a dash cam so it has to be run from a USB or cigarette lighter socket. Again not a deal breaker. Interesting about the park hold, the Seat has it I don't think we'd go back to a car without it. The car I tested didn't need it switched on and the salesman had just unlocked it, maybe they have updated the system? Fuel consumption figures are interesting thanks. Certainly better than the Seat which gets worse MPG when I drive it than when my wife does, no idea why!
  9. Many thanks for all the replies, to answer a few points that have been raised: Current car is a Seat Leon estate 1.8 DSG, it's a great car but my wife wants something different this time. Technically it is her car as it's leased via the Motability scheme, which also mean the cost of maintenance is not an issue. I've read comments about the infotainment system elsewhere, but having thought about it we don't consider it to be a deal breaker. Incidentally the Seat sat nav also reads the road numbers out the long way! One thing I did notice on the first test drive was the quality of the ride, much better than the Seat I guessing that's down to the wheel size, 18 inch on the Seat and 17 inch on the Corrolla. The first test drive was to see how the CVT gearbox was, the DSG in the Seat is excellent, I was pleasantly surprised how good the CVT was. CVT hs come on a long way from the DAF system of old! I'll let you know how we get on.
  10. Going for a second test drive on Tuesday - Corrola TS 2ltr and if my wife likes it (I'm sure she will!) we will be placing an order. So is there anything, good or bad, that current owners can tell me about the car, you know the things you can't pick up on a short test drive. Thanks in advance.
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