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  1. Kobi


    Hello guys, I tried to install cruise control shift to my RAV4 2009 (4WD), but without success. I've have all the simple process: Took out Minus from battery, took out airbag, installed the cruise control shift, closed the airbag, connected battery. not working 😞 I connected my laptop to my vehicle using OBD2 and TIS software and found something interesting: There is no error, no error number at all, the ECM or ECU just doesn't recognize the shift at all when I press it because none of the shift buttons is turning ON, they all stay OFF all the time no matter what.
  2. Hi Roks, Thanks for your help, I appreciate it a lot. I still cannot understand exactly the location of the two connectors, can you add pictures and eloborate what panales I need to remove please? I have a Toyota Auris 2014 Left Side Wheel.
  3. I misunderstood the right location of A124 and A130 in the vehicle, can you please show real pictures or explain better? Left wheel car
  4. Hi, I installed CC to my Auris using this guide and got P0571 error, and CC isn't working. I saw the solution here but couldn't understand where the exact location of A130 and A124 and what I need to do in order to get in touch with those connectors. Please guide me how to do it, I hope this will be the last solution that will solve my issue.. Thanks guys.
  5. Hi everyone, I have the exact issue this guy has: and another guy in page 28, but never seen any solution for a long time. Please help guys!
  6. Kobi

    Cruise Control

    @arikk Hi, I have the exact same issue as you had in 2016 now. Same - bought on AliExpress, Same error on screen, same error on TIS. I guess you already got the chance to solve it 4 years ago.. so please share your solution
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