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  1. Getting tyre buzz on the rear tyres, suspect it is down to uneven wear on the inner edge - outer edge certainly showing signs of this feathering issue. Are there tyres that don't do this? I don't want to replace them and have the same issue in a few thousand miles time.
  2. I've checked the car with a hose today, all dry and reassembled. The spoiler seems fine too.
  3. Hi Gazza Thanks for the tip about the middle spoiler mount - I did read this previously however the water only seems to come into the boot when the boot is sprayed with a hose around where the boot seal is. You may be correct though - do you have a link to a guide? There was definitely rust and water under the boot seal hence I re-siliconed this and cleaned up the rust. There was evidence of rusty water dripping through the boot latch but I assumed this came from previously stated rusty lip! Is it just a case of unbolting the spoiler and siliconing around the mounts?
  4. See if you can get 1 t sport alloy from a breaker?
  5. If you aren't completely confident in what you are doing, leave the brakes for someone else. I'd be looking for a friendly garage where I can pay cash, a recommendation is best. Have you purchased all the brakes already? I don't understand why you have bought discs pads and calipers all round if just the rears were an issue...
  6. Hi It's been the best part of a decade since I used this forum, but my girlfriend now owns a Celica VVTI, which is a lovely car but it has suffered with a water ingress / leak problem that took a fair bit of detective work so I thought it is best to write it up. We first noticed the problem when a friend sat in the back, and got a wet bum! This car was getting wet on the right hand rear seat behind the driver. I stripped the interior out, and found a pool of water under the rear bench on the right hand side (unsurprisingly) and the seat foam was pretty wet too. Searching online was of little use, some suggestions of boot seals and rear quarter lights. I put a hose over various bits of the car, and eventually saw water dripping in around the area of the wheel arch, and tracking along the seam sound deadening into the seat base area. After some detective work it was apparent the water was coming in through the tailgate gutter somehow, so I checked the area on the outside to see what could be leaking. There is a rubber cylindrical bung on the top right hand side of the boot opening/gutter, and in this case the bung was loose in the hole and able to move around a fair bit. I'm guessing the rubber went hard and shrank over the years. You could potentially but a new bung from Toyota, but I wanted an instant fix. I ran some VW sealing cord/putty round the perimiter of the bung, and popped it back in to make a perfect seal. I then used the hose again, and there was much less water ingress, but still it was coming in steadily. I was out of ideas, so had to strip the rest of the interior out (the plastics around the rear quarter light, and boot plastics). I then got my girlfriend to spray the car with the hose, and I sat inside looking for leaks. About 3" into the width of the rear quarter light (above it) there is a metal seam where 2 skins meet with ridges in it. Water was leaking between the two seams and coming out of a ridge in a slow drip. Sorry for the appalling photo, I forgot to take an actual one of the drip at the time. At first I thought maybe it was the quarterlight seal, but just spraying this excessively with the hose showed no signs of water ingress. I traced the rough path of the water by looking at the arrangement of the panels, and decided the only places it could possibly be coming in from was the roof gutter, where two seems meet in the top right hand corner. I ran this past my friend who was a toyota mechanic for a long time, and he said that other toyota's used to go on this seam, but not the Celica, so I guess this is a rare case but I doubt I'm the only one with the problem (especially as these cars get older). I have used some brush on seam sealant over the dodgy seam, and will paint it soon so it is inconspicuous. Whilst in the boot doing all this, I noticed a fair bit of water there too - I traced this back to the boot seal, which was in great condition but leaking from underneath. Due to trapped water in here, there was a bit of rust on the lip in various places, so I removed it with a dremel flap wheel, panel wiped it and then touched it up with hammerite (no one seas any of this as the seal/plastics in the boot cover it all up. Toyota seal these with black silicone from the factory - I pulled the seal off and ran a bead of RTV silicone along the lip of the bodywork, then refitted the seal. It's mostly back together now, but keeping the seats out to confirm tomorrow with a hose that it's all spot on. Hopefully the car is now leak free, and rust free for another 13 years at least! C
  7. Do you think I am retarded or something? Of course I know where the money comes from FFS... But as it's been said already, even if they did start paying, it wouldn't affect the cost of our premiums. The real issue here is the cost of insurance in the first instance, for example I was speaking to someone at lunchtime who insured their 1.1i Peugeot 206, £2100.... WTF, its a 1.1i for god sakes, it's got barely enough torque to pull the skin off a cup of hot chocolate. Maybe if insurance was reasonably priced, less young drivers would then not avoid paying it alltogether?
  8. Are you sure your in the right club? with that kind of belief I think you need the TWOC club not TOC. But maybe your right... if everyone took that attitude in regards to all crimes the world would surely be a happier safer more lovely place to be I take offence to that... I'm not saying that I condone doing it, I just don't like people who grass people up. Sure if some little ubik with no insurance hit me, I'd report him, but thats because he hit me not just for the sake of it... And you wouldn't be left to foot the bill!!! there is a fund to pay for damage that uninsured drivers have caused...
  9. I hate people who grass, end of the day you are going to make NO difference to premiums!!! The real problem is that insurance is SO expensive for young drivers (especially men)... THIS IS THE REASON that so many young people don't bother with insurance, often its cheaper just to pay the fine when you get done for not having insurance!!!! If all those people got insurance, the insurance companies WOULD NOT pass the benefits on to you... They are capitalists, nothing more or less than that! Personally, I am insured, taxed and MOTed... But occasionally I've driven a car with no tax when I've not been able to get to the PO in time, or I've driven a car home with no MOT after purchase knowing that its fine to drive it (mechanically) If you grass someone up for having no TAX or whatever, who knows how that my affect their kids etc if they are the unable to go to work and unable to earn any money, why should you have the right to make that decision for them? Leave it to the police guys, there are tax cameras, and an MOT database....
  10. Taken from 300zx website be carefull lads theres alot of **** happening around these days, in other words anything for money, ill tell you why,me and 2 lads went out to buy a lexus is200 from slough last thursday as im from leeds. with a landline number and a pay as you go mobile number advertised, we went down as it sounded quite cheep and genuine, when we got there (please note that the lads selling the car wanted cash as they told us they dont have a bank accountfor a cheque or bankers draft)the lad told us to meet at a certain place as we parked up 3 black lads came with guns and demanded our money off us, we had a brawl and one of them fired missing my friend from inches, but there was too much shouting going on and they fled emty handed we notified the police and they told us that theyve already struck some other lads from middlesborough but also fled emty handed,the cars are advertised as trade and private and eyecathching prices as far as i know maybe more the cars advertised are a HONDA S2000 x reg, BMW m3 cab in silver 51 reg,a AUDI TT, and a lexus is200 y reg all from slough(london) what they are doing is telling people to come down with cash and then pinning them at gun point, COULD ANYONE PLEASE MAIL THIS THREAD TO OTHER CLUBS ETC as i dont want anyone to be put in my shoes as these cars are advertised above 10k alot of cash, one more thing the guy who is selling the car is called KHAN(well hes advertised as khan in the adverts on the net)when you phone him he is sweet and sounds very genuine, my advise make sure if there is a landline number someone picks it up, and the cars that these people have advertised dont exist please spread this advert all over the net cheers
  11. I've driven a load of 1.0 - 1.5 liter cars, and they scare the hell out of me .. trying to join a motorway at 40/50 MPH (because you've had to drive up a slip road) and having no acceleration, with braking the only option to merge. My usual garage has had the usual group of Micra/Corsa/Yaris curtousy cars, and when going home you go from a standing start (roundabout and tiny slip road), up a hill, trying to join a busy dual carridgeway (A303 -> A34). One garage I used to use had a 2.0 Alfa as it's car, was SO much nicer to just have that *bit* of power. I know why a lot of people are scared to drive on M'ways when they feel like they are being bullied. If it scares you then I'd put that down to your personal confidence/driving skill :P . Yes there are times when the extra power is needed, but theres other times when it can get you into trouble. I've driven cars with anything from 40BHP to 250BHP, and I've never had any issues with motorways or dual carridgeways. Infact I've driven a classic mini to scotland and back with no issues!! Con
  12. Was that with a calendar and stock speedo? I can see it being accurate .. but that's scary acceleration, for the wrong reasons. Pull onto a dual carridgeway and it's 13 secs before you are "up to speed". That's a LONG time. not if you are already doing 30 - 40MPH...
  13. How about this... My current insurers (HIC) want £200 on top of my £400 policy to insure the car 3rd party, or £800 ontop of my £400 to keep it fully comp. Meaning £600 3rd party Or £1200 Fully comp... Thats insane... They want twice as much for fully comp! I can't get any other quotes unless I cancel my policy really, which I think I'll have to do.
  14. Hey guys, not been round here for a little while (I used to own an AE92 GTi-16). I spent 11 months building a Classic mini, rebuilt nearly everything and changed the engine and had it tuned etc... Things kept going wrong and getting expensive to keep replacing everything, and I had enough of it. Recently some little toerag tried to steal the car but didnt get too far, but did lots of damage, so I'm breaking it for parts now. I won't be in the market for a new car for some time now, but I can't resist looking at what options may be open to me. I was considering getting a Celica 2.0GT (ST202) but I don't know a great deal about them. Could an early one be had for around £2000, and what insurance group is it? I'm 22 with 2 years NCB so hoping i'm insurable. Con
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