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  1. Yeah when I put it on there are two beeps as in the video above 😂
  2. Here’s the annoying noise. The parking sensor is beeping but there is another beep as well. It’s horrific 😛 IMG_9347.MOV
  3. Hi I’m new to the hybrid world and have two noises coming from my e18 hybrid 1. when braking it sounds like brake pads are running extremely low like that metal on metal sound or rust on disk. just bought the car from rrg Toyota and just been serviced so should be working correctly. 2. when the car is running down hill in silence I can hear what sounds like a wheel bearing. Or is this part of the charging thing on the battery with the car self charging. It’s like a low quiet duff duff duff you can hardly hear and gets faster as you do. To me sounds like a wheel bearing but thought I’
  4. Is there a way of permanently turning off that annoying beeping when reversing in an auris hybrid e18. It has reversing camera so I presume it doesn’t have sensors it’s just beeping to tell me I’m reversing but I can’t concentrate 😆
  5. Hi all and thank you for the add just bought a 2014 auris hatchback 5 door e18 and didn’t think about roof racks. Now kicking myself as it seems you can’t jet roof rails that run to the front and back of the car. I know you can get roof bars that go under the door seals but.... Is there anyway of adapting the roof rails from a tourer auris estate to fit the hatchback or can you get them off the peg? and are the holes and supports already in the roof channel or is this a massive job. ive annoyed myself I didn’t think about this when select
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